Sophie Turner Shows Off Her Wedding Band While Defending Alex Morgan

Sophie Turner Shows Off Her Wedding Band While Defending Alex Morgan

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Sophie Turner has been giving fans a few more glimpses into her spectacular second wedding to Joe Jonas in France last week. On Thursday, she shared an Instagram photo that finally offered a full-view of her stunning, labor-intensive Louis Vuitton bridal gown. Then, while she was on her honeymoon on Friday night, Turner published an Instagram story that inadvertently gave followers a close look at her left hand-and her sparkling new wedding band.

Turner was actually on social media to defend Alex Morgan, the co-captain of the U.S. Women's National Team who caught some flak for pretending to sip from a cup of tea after scoring a goal against England during a semi-finale match on Tuesday. England ended up losing, and many people have accused Morgan of bad sportsmanship. However, Turner took a pause from her honeymoon to weigh in on the situation and support Morgan.

“Okay, I'm on my honeymoon, I'm not really looking at my phone much but I feel like this deserves a mention,” she said. “Unfortunately, the U.K. women's football team lost at the World Cup, and of course I'm incredibly sad and incredibly proud of that team. But I am so honored that we lost to such an incredible team, the U.S. women's football team.”

Then, she added a message directly for the soccer player: "“Alex Morgan, all those haters that are saying the tea sip was disrespectful, I'm honored that you thought of me. All those people that are hating on you are probably sitting at home, millennials drinking kombucha. And I'm really f- proud of you, Alex Morgan, congratulations on your win.”

Turner gestures every once in a while in the clip, which provided a chance to see her diamond-laced wedding band. She's been wearing the new ring below her engagement ring, made up of a large pear-shaped stone and two other diamond bands. Together, the jewelry shows off Turner's elegant yet unique style-and she wears the new band well. Let's hope she has more wedding details to share soon.

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