Netflix Announces Third Installment of A Christmas Prince -All About a Royal Baby

Netflix Announces Third Installment of A Christmas Prince -All About a Royal Baby

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There's another royal baby on the way, and let's just say we're pretty darn excited about it. No, Kate and Will are not having a fourth (that we know of!). Instead, King Richard and Queen Amber of Aldovia have reason to celebrate.

Netflix made the royal decree Monday morning when it announced the third installment in the A Christmas Prince series would be all about a royal addition to the family. The streaming service added that the baby/film will arrive in time for the holidays. "Some personal news," the tweet read, alongside a sonogram photo (with a tiny crown) reading, "Baby makes 3."

The movie's plot is not all that shocking when you realize the story of Amber (played by Rose McIver) has closely mirrored that of another former blogger turned royal: Meghan Markle. First, she magically falls in love with an actual prince, then has to make many sacrifices (including sacrificing her blog-RIP the Tig) to marry her true love, while still fighting to maintain her own identity amid the old traditions of a royal court. And then, of course, there was the royal wedding that captured the world's attention. Given that we'll be meeting Prince Harry and Markle's baby very soon, it tracks that Amber and Richard will also be welcoming a little Aldovian royal of their very own.

Netflix doesn't typically reveal viewing numbers, but seeing as there's another sequel on the way, one could assume that, while corny and borderline ridiculous at times, the Christmas Prince movies are incredibly popular. We know we certainly enjoy them.

While we're at it, how about we just go all in on royal babies and make one the central plot of The Princess Switch 2? You can currently stream A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding now on Netflix, if you want to catch up before the birth.

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