So THIS Is Why No One From The Hills Was at Audrina Patridge's Wedding

So THIS Is Why No One From The Hills Was at Audrina Patridge's Wedding

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Former The Hills star Audrina Patridge married her then-fiancГ© Corey Bohan in November 2016. Prior to their nuptials, the then-bride-to-be opened up about who was invited to their wedding and more importantly, who surprisingly wasn't: Anyone from The Hills. Yes, you heard correctly: none of her co-stars were invited to her wedding. Here's why.

The reality star shared that she chose to nix The Hills stars from the guest list to keep the size of the wedding small, according to E! Online. "No one from The Hills made the cut. If we were doing a really big wedding, I'd invite them, but we're keeping it intimate." She shared that she and her BMX-riding beau finalized their guest list of about 130 people, most of which consisted of family. "As far as friends go, we only invited the ones who've been there for us in the past year and who will continue to be there for us for the next 30," she said. Ouch-would that be a slight dig to LC or Heidi? (Let's just hope Lauren Conrad is wearing waterproof mascara this time.)

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The actual wedding occurred in November 2016, since the then 31-year-old was pretty much ready to pop (or may have eaten a burrito, we're not sure). Back in December 2015, she announced her pregnancy, sharing a positive pregnancy test wrapped in a festive gift box, saying, "I finally figured out what to get Corey for Christmas," hashtagging the adorable pic with "BabyOnTheWay!" This exciting news came shortly after her hubby-to-be popped the question at a restaurant during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Once engaged-and pregnant-Patridge decided that she wanted to take things slowly when it came to planning her big day. "I didn't want to rush getting married, because stress is bad for the baby. I was a little worried about people judging me for it, but Corey wasn't," Patridge shared. "He said, 'Stop caring what people think. Their opinions don't matter.' Anyway, we've already been together for so long, it's like we're already married. It's just a title at this point-and a ring."

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On the topic of honeymoons, the bride-to-be noted that she would most likely take her new little one along, saying, "If we take a honeymoon, we're definitely bringing our daughter-and my little sister, so she can watch the baby while we go out to dinner or snorkel." She continued: "I'm so lucky I'm so close to my family. If I had to hire a stranger to babysit, I'd probably freak out."

Anxiety seemed to be a theme for the then-future Mrs., as she noted that wedding planning in general was stressing her out. "It's a little overwhelming," she explained to People, "After I have the baby, I have no idea what size my breasts will be or if my hips will go down or get bigger. So for now dress shopping, at least, is on hold." But let's be real: most people would agree that looking half as good as Patridge does with her baby bump would be a win.

That being said, the mama-to-be was really enjoying her pregnancy. "At first, I'd anticipated the worst. I thought, I'm going to get morning sickness. My back will hurt. My rings won't fit. I was ready for anything, but none of it happened." And since her baby bump is literally the cutest thing ever-it's no surprise that she's enjoying that pregnancy glow. "Watching my body transform has been amazing. I feel like a woman now."