Do We Need to Provide Wedding Day Transportation for Our Guests?

Do We Need to Provide Wedding Day Transportation for Our Guests?

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Unless you're having your wedding in a hotel and your guests will be staying upstairs, at some point during your wedding day, they'll need to travel. And unless they can easily walk, that will involve cars, taxis, or other modes of transportation. Is it all right to let your guests get themselves where they need to go, or do you need to provide wedding day transportation to get your guests from place to place on your big day? Here's what our experts have to say.

While providing transportation for your wedding guests isn't a necessity, it's a thoughtful addition that will make their evening a little bit easier. Instead of worrying about driving time, parking, and having a designated driver to get them home at the end of the night, they'll be able to follow your schedule, will arrive exactly when you want them to, and will be able to enjoy the evening without worrying about how they'll be getting home.

If you do decide to provide wedding day transportation, don't just schedule a round of shuttles for the beginning and end of the evening. You'll want to have at least one vehicle available starting an hour or two before your reception is due to end so older guests, those with children, and anyone who is just ready for bed can head home. You'll also want to make sure the schedule is very clear. Give guests a timeline that includes both when you'll need them to gather to get on the shuttle and what time the shuttle leaves (ideally a 15-minute window so stragglers won't miss the bus). Be specific about pickup locations, and if you have guests who will be driving to the pick-up location from another hotel, let them know what the parking situation will be.

Of course, you can also let guests drive themselves as well. Provide an address and driving directions for any venues they'll need to get to, as well as estimated driving times so they can plan accordingly. If your guests will be traveling during a high-traffic time of day, let them know about any back roads that avoid congested areas, as well as how long the trip can take when the roads are busy.

Make sure to let everyone know about the parking options at your venue, as well. Is there somewhere specific they should park? Does your venue offer valet services? Are there a lot of spaces, or should they try to carpool? Any information that will make transportation easier (as well as a number for a local cab company!) will make your wedding day that much more enjoyable for your guests.

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