This Wedding at White Castle Was Surprisingly Tasteful

This Wedding at White Castle Was Surprisingly Tasteful

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White Castle has been a part of couple Adam and Whitney's love story since they met, so the two wanted the fast food chain to be a part of their big day. But the Forth Worth, Texas, locals didn't just opt for some White Castle sliders in their catering-the two had their entire nuptials at the White Castle in Las Vegas.

Adam, who is originally from Queens, has a deeply engrained love for White Castle and wanted to show Whitney what all they hype was about.

“We visited a Castle in my hometown that is near and dear to me for Whitney's first White Castle trip,” Adam said. “I decided to skip my regular order for this special occasion and ordered a little bit of everything for her to try. Right away, it was clear she would share the same Cravings for White Castle, and she immediately fell for the Chicken Rings.”

With that, Whitney was sold. The two got engaged in Nashville in July, 2017 and proceeded to search for their perfect wedding venue. During a stop at a White Castle on their search, Whitney saw a sign promoting the annual White Castle Royal Wedding Contest and decided to submit her and her fiancГ©'s love story into the drawing. White Castle selected the couple based on their relationship's foundation in the franchise-and the two later learned they would have their happily ever after at none other than Las Vegas's White Castle.

Jenna Bryant Photography

On Sunday, March 11, the couple was joined by 25 of their closest family and friends at their all expenses paid "Royal Wedding" given to them by the company, which was complete with a rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, decor, and of course, White Castle cuisine that included some of their favorite foods. The company partnered with local businesses to find the wedding's music, floral arrangements, photographs by Jenna Bryant Photography and a custom slider-shaped wedding cake, which were all coordinated by Symphony Weddings & Events.

Jenna Bryant Photography Jenna Bryant Photography

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For their first week as husband and wife, Adam and Whitney will be sent on a five-night honeymoon in Belgium, including roundtrip airfare, ground transportation, four nights' hotel accommodation, White Castle gift cards, White Castle coupons and even a one-night stay in a real Belgian castle.

Jenna Bryant Photography

“Adam and Whitney did a fantastic job of showing us how much White Castle means to their relationship," Kim Bartley, Chief Marketing Officer for White Castle, "and in return we were happy to provide such a memorable experience for them."