Julia Louis-Dreyfus Commemorates Wedding Anniversary with Funny Social Media Shoutout

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Commemorates Wedding Anniversary with Funny Social Media Shoutout

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It seems Veep star Julia-Louis Dreyfus will put her on-screen duties of running the country (or at least attempting to do so) on the back burner today to celebrate a major off-screen milestone-her 31st wedding anniversary to husband and fellow comedian Brad Hall.

The former Seinfeld star took to Instagram earlier to commemorate the occasion, sharing a sweet throwback snapshot with Hall. The photo features the duo (both of whom clearly have barely aged at all), all-smiles and clad in their swimsuits while standing on a boat in front of the wide open sea. Making a joke of her age (and perhaps alluding to their covetable spot on our list of celebrity couples who have been together forever), the 57-year-old captioned the post, "31,000 years ago today, I married my current boyfriend." Which, essentially equates to a little over three decades in Hollywood years. We're glad Louis-Dreyfus has still taken such a liking to her "boyfriend" after all this time.

This year isn't the first Louis-Dreyfus has graced our social media feeds with an anniversary post. In honor of 30 years of marriage last year, she shared a snippet of the pair from their actual wedding day. In true '80s fashion, the picture shows Louis-Dreyfus sporting a puff-sleeve gown. "30 years ago today this happened," she wrote to accompany the post. "So far so good."

The couple originally met while attending Northwestern University, when Louis-Dreyfus auditioned for a role in Hall's theater production. The rest was history, and the lovebirds now share two adult sons, Henry and Charlie.

This has been a tough year for the actress, however, after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis last September via Twitter and Instagram.

Louis-Dreyfus was fairly open with her cancer battle on social media, revealing her last day of chemotherapy January 11 with a homemade video of her sons dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It." Currently recovering, Louis-Dreyfus is expected to get back to filming the last season of Veep this August, according to Daily Mail.

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Congratulations are especially in order for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall following her health complications, and may year 31,000 be their best one yet.


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