What You Need to Know About Lynne Patton, the Wedding Planner Turned White House Official

What You Need to Know About Lynne Patton, the Wedding Planner Turned White House Official

Between his three extravagant marriages and his history of crashing ceremonies, it's no secret that Donald Trump loves a good wedding. And in classic current-POTUS fashion, Trump has combined his personal interests (and contacts) with government-office positions.

On Friday, June 16, President Trump appointed event planner Lynne Patton as the new head of Region II Housing and Urban Development, the office for New York and New Jersey federal housing programs.

Much like many of Trump's other picks for staff, Patton is a friend of the Trump family. In 2014, she planned Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska's wedding, and she has spent much of her career working for the Trump Organization as an events planner.

So who is this woman? The Trump Organization's planner is a new face in Washington. Here are a few things you'll want to know about her (especially if you are a New York or New Jersey resident).

She might be a law-school graduate.

According to LinkedIn, Patton lists under education that she attended Quinnipiac University Law School, but she has "(N/A)" next to her J.D. degree. A report from the Daily News states that she attended the university for only two semesters.

She planned Eric Trump's wedding.

Patton planned Eric and Lara's 2014 wedding and has held other event-planning jobs in the Trump Organization since. For a little over a year, she has held the title of event organizer of “upscale events and celebrity golf tournaments,” according to her LinkedIn.

Her listed skills are not related to housing development.

While her featured skills include event planning, public relations, fund-raising, philanthropy, and promotions, she does not list any experience in housing development. However, she was an advisor to the Trump campaign and has served as a vice-president for the Eric Trump Foundation and senior aide to the Trump family for six years.

She has been a Trump family friend for nearly 10 years.

Through her variety of roles within the Trump business empire, Patton has appeared to not only become a strong advocate of the Trump administration but also close friends with many members of the family. Patton's public Instagram account is filled with selfies and other shots of the family and herself.

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She is a supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Despite her party's general stance on gay marriage and other LGBTQ rights, Patton has posted multiple posts to her Instagram account expressing her support for the community. In one particular post, she writes: "#LoveWins. #GodBlessAmerica."

The takeaway: As New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio put it, “I think it's great for us to try and strive for normalcy, but I think it would be foolish to expect it.”