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The Best Deodorants That'll Withstand the Hottest of Destination Weddings

The Best Deodorants That'll Withstand the Hottest of Destination Weddings

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Beyond the potential for frizz and makeup meltdown is the real underlying issue with which every tropical-destination bride must contend: She must pack a DEFCON 1-level deodorant. And the struggle is real: This deo must withstand wedding-day jitters, possible family drama, and, of course, a night of cutting a rug-all in 80+-degree climes. But with a veritable aisle's worth of delivery systems-solid, gel, stick, roll-on-how to choose the one that will work best when you walk down your aisle? First, it's important to know that antiperspirants differ from deodorants in that the former boasts sweating-reducing ingredients, while deodorants prevent odor thanks to a formula tweak to control the levels of odor-causing bacteria. Though the actual product looks pretty different in spray form versus, say, roll-on, most forms of deodorant perform similarly. Here, a look at the various types of deodorants, including some of the latest on the market to keep you dry and dashing for your big day away.

Courtesy of Target

Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant

This one's designed never to leave white marks at all-no matter the hue of your gown. Fashion stylist Zerina Akers recommends it "because it leaves no white marks on 100 colors of clothing (and helps prevent yellow stains!) and also will keep you fresh for up to 48 hours." So no matter how hot it is, you'll stay dry and confident while dancing the night away. (Invisible dry spray deodorant, $5.49, Dove available at Target)

Courtesy of Kmart

Degree Ultraclear Black + White Motionsense Antiperspirant Deodorant

If you prefer a solid stick delivery system on your big day but still want to avoid those yellow stains on your dress (or white marks on your black clothes, for that matter), Degree's latest boasts 48-hour protection against unsexy sweat and body odor and is alcohol-free. ("MotionSense" ultra-clear black and white anti-perspirant deodorant, $4.99, Degree available at Kmart)

Courtesy of Target

Secret Clinical Strength Freshwater Orchid Smooth Solid Antiperspirant

If you're seduced by deo copy peppered with the word clinical, look no further than this gorgeous orchid-scented solid. Its formula is designed to stave off sweat caused by heat, activity, and sweat, all of which brides are certainly privy to on their big day. This serious antiperspirant and deodorant combo addresses stress sweat, which actually comes from a different gland-and causes more bacteria and odor. Nervous sweaters rejoice! This decadent-smelling stick will allay any and all smelly fears. ("Freshwater Orchid" clinical strength smooth solid antiperspirant, $7.99, Secret available at Target)

Courtesy of Target

Ban Roll-on Deodorant

So you've spent weeks coming up with the perfect perfume cocktail and now you don't want your deodorant to compete. The solution? Ban's unscented roll-on, which uses breakthrough technology to target and virtually eliminate, rather than simply cover up, stress odor. It also glides on easily and invisibly so no one will detect those telltale white marks. And if you do prefer a scented deodorant, Ban's got plenty to choose from, ranging from Simply Clean to Fresh Cotton. (Unscented roll-on deodorant, $4.39, Ban available at Target)

Courtesy of Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

This unisex option smells fresh, thanks to eucalyptus extract and citronellyl, an aluminum- and alcohol-free way to neutralize odors. If you switch to this formula after using a traditional deodorant, just know that the transition may take up to two weeks for the deodorant to perform effectively, as your body will initially produce more water to compensate. (Eucalyptus deodorant, $22, Malin + Goetz)

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Courtesy of DermStore

Le Couvent Des Minimes Everyday Deodorant

Another natural deodorant iteration, this one is subtle and fresh and works just as well for men. Containing Alum Stone to help neutralize body odor, it keeps your underarms smelling sweet without the use of parabens, aluminum salts, alcohol, or skin-restricting ingredients. Housed in a small roll-on bottle, it's also TSA-friendly for easy application on the go. It's designed for even the most delicate skin. (Everyday deodorant with alum stone, $13.50, Le Couvent des Minimes available at DermStore)

Courtesy of Lavanila

Lavanila Laboratories Mini Sport Luxe Deodorant

This perfectly portable option is great for those who want a natural, non-aluminum deodorant but plan to work out at the destination-wedding venue. Lavanila's proprietary technology is infused with a blend of ingredients called SmartSportTM for mega sweat defense. The long-lasting vanilla breeze scented deodorant helps break down sweat molecules and deliver invisible, all-natural odor protection. ("The Healthy Deodorant" sport mini, $9, Lavanila)


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