Pawfect For You Is The Pet Wedding Solution You Need

Pawfect For You Is The Pet Wedding Solution You Need

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This Woman Will Walk Your Dog Down the Aisle At Your Wedding

Your pet is your baby, your best friend and your sidekick. They're a member of your family. So how could they possibly miss out on the biggest day of your life?

Veronica Silva was planning her wedding when she realized how difficult it was to incorporate her pup into the ceremony while being the bride.

"It was like, there is absolutely no way this baby is not going to be at the wedding," Silva said of her dog JakeBear. This sparked an idea to help other brides out in similar situations.

Silva created (all while planning her own wedding!) Pawfect For You, a full-service chauffeur and pet care provider for couples on their wedding day that provides accommodations such as dressing a pet up in wedding attire, a bath or coordination with a groomer, event planning and photography coordination, ceremony coaching, and more. The service allows brides and grooms to enjoy their ceremony with their pet, without having to ask a friend or family member to take care of their furry friend throughout the day.

"It's so hard when you're planning your own wedding and you think about, 'Oh my God, my dog has to be there," Silva said.

In addition to bringing pets to weddings, Pawfect For You also provides animal assistance at proposals, engagement parties, and rehearsals.

Since its conception over a year ago, Silva has worked dozens of weddings-all without any prior animal handling experience. In fact, JakeBear was her first pet-she and her husband adopted him in 2014 and have been in love with their fur baby ever since.

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