The Etiquette of Destination Wedding Gifts

The Etiquette of Destination Wedding Gifts

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Let's unveil the secret of gift etiquette for destination weddings. You wouldn't think it would be such a mystery, but apparently it is. Here's a little primer for those of you who don't know what to do.

Do not bring wedding gifts to a destination wedding, anywhere. When brides and grooms register for gifts, they list an address where they want to have their wedding gifts sent. Use it!

If you're buying your gift someplace they're not registered, either mail the gift to their home or bring it by when you go visit the first time after the wedding. No reason to drag it thousands of miles with the price of checked luggage when you can personally deliver it and watch them open it later on.

There's simply no logic to dragging a wedding gift to a destination wedding so that the bride and groom will have to figure out a way to get it back home. If you want to give them something there on the spot, cash is the way to go. If you plan to give a check, mail it. No bride and groom at their destination wedding needs to have to worry about where they're hiding all the checks for the duration of their honeymoon.

Remember, you can send a wedding gift as soon as you receive the invitation to a wedding. And that's a secret trick that many of us who are invited to a lot of weddings use: We hop online and send a gift at the same time we sit down and fill out the RSVP. Whether or not we're attending. In fact, if you aren't planning to attend, it's even smarter to send your gift when you decline the invitation because it's easy for it to slip your mind when you aren't going to be there, especially if it's out of town.

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