The 40-Day-Honeymoon Trend Is Actually a Thing Now

The 40-Day-Honeymoon Trend Is Actually a Thing Now

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Honeymoons have really changed over the years. Traditionally, the bride and groom would immediately depart after the wedding for maybe a one- or two-week trip, usually to just one location. But in recent years, honeymoons have become an afterthought for some newlyweds, as weddings have gotten so big and time-consuming that many people just opt for a minimoon right after and then put off the real honeymoon until they have more time. This can sometimes even be years later. For others, the honeymoon is a less casual affair as the rise of the buddymoon has become popular recently, with friends being invited to crash this once exclusively romantic trip. With traveling being so popular with the millennial set these days, couples are also trying to cram as much activity into their honeymoons as possible, even though these trips aren't very long. A recent survey from Westin Hotels and Resorts found that couples are visiting more destinations in less time. Basically, it sounds like even the honeymoon has fallen prey to the go-go-go rushed schedule we have all grown so accustomed to. Except a new trend may be bucking that altogether. Welcome to the 40-day honeymoon.

Tara Lipinski caught the world's attention recently, and she didn't even have to do a double axel. The Olympic ice skater took a 40-day honeymoon with her new husband, TV producer Todd Kapostasy, after their June wedding this year. The newlyweds took a trip around the world, with Lipinksi Instagramming every absolutely exquisite location, which included the Maldives, Switzerland, Vietnam, Italy, and Greece. But Lipinski is an Olympic-winning celebrity who works as a host now for various networks, covering both sports and fashion events and filling in on the Today show. Are regular people also taking these extensive trips? Yes, they are, according to Lia Batkin, cofounder of In the Know Experiences, a luxury travel company that handles travel for high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and international royalty. She says they have done over 20 monthlong honeymoons. Batkin says she has even planned honeymoons that are two to three months long! She said the ideal clients for these types of trips usually have an unlimited amount of time, work for themselves, or are in between jobs. With most of these trips, her clients hit up multiple continents to experience as much as they can. “But the length of time they have to travel allows them to spend a good amount of time in each place to really get to know it and immerse themselves in the destination,” she said.

She recommends starting off in a historical and romantic luxe hotel, then doing something relaxing like heading to a beach destination, followed by a city. “Then something very cultural/interesting/adventurous, and then end with a final relaxing place. Really, the location suggestions depend on the time of the year and interests of the couple. Some are very adventurous and want to go to places no one has ever heard of or that they will never go back to again, and then some people want to go to five to six major cities-even Disney World!” Batkin told Brides.com. She also added that some couples do turn the honeymoon into a buddymoon and have friends come visit along the way.

As for how much planning goes into these epic trips, Batkin says it is usually between four and eight months, depending upon how detailed the clients want the trip to be. “Some want everything planned to the day, and some want just the hotels and flights booked so they can explore on their own each day,” she said. Some of her recent extended honeymoons have included tours of London, Paris, New York, Orlando, and Beverly Hills. Another one sent a couple to Japan for 10 days, Bali for two weeks, and Africa (city, safari, and beach) for another two weeks.

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Of course, not everyone has the financial means or time to pull this off, but with the rise of remote workers-in 2016, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely, according to a survey of more than 15,000 adults-an extended honeymoon is quite possible. Batkin added that some of her clients do work off and on during these trips. If you can take this kind of time off and do love to travel, this could be the perfect time for this type of trip, before life gets really busy. You may find you won't have this kind of opportunity for a long time. “If you have the ability and means to take off a month or more for your honeymoon, I think it's the most amazing way to start off your marriage, with this amazing adventure,” she said.

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