How Can We Encourage Guests to Actually Buy Gifts on Our Registry?

How Can We Encourage Guests to Actually Buy Gifts on Our Registry?

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Couples are constantly told that setting up a wedding registry will make it easier for their guests to pick out wedding gifts. However, sometimes it feels like no one told guests that, and they start picking gifts they think the couple will love - even with a perfectly good registry easily accessible on the bride and groom's wedding website. It can be extra frustrating when you really need new plates or a less-ratty set of towels, so how can you encourage guests to actually buy gifts from your registry? Here are a few tips from our experts.

While you can't force your guests to get you a particular present, you can do your part in encouraging them to follow your lead. First up? Make sure your wedding registry information is SUPER accessible. Ensure that the page on your wedding website with links to your registries is easy to find and well labeled, and clearly list where you've registered. Are you really hoping someone will chip in for those new dishes? Add a note along with the link letting guests know why you registered where you did, whether it's to finally upgrade from those plastic plates from college or to spring for a new couch for your home together.

The only invitation where etiquette allows you to print your registry information is for your bridal shower, so ask your host to include a list of where you've registered along with the invite. Bonus: If there's one store you're really hoping guests will head to, only include that store on your invitation, or choose just one other to give guests an option.

And of course, ask your parents and wedding party to spread the word. While cash gifts are great (as are those perks and discounts for shopping where you registered in the months after your wedding!), this is a great way to encourage guests to steer clear of picking up anything off-registry and instead shopping where you'd like them to shop.


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