BRIDES Chicago: 7 Rooftop Bars for Your Bachelorette Bash

BRIDES Chicago: 7 Rooftop Bars for Your Bachelorette Bash

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Nothing beats rooftop season in Chicago, unless you're embarking on the city's sky-high spots in the name of a bachelorette party, that is. From chic, relaxed hangouts to places fit for dancing-fueled shenanigans, these seven rooftop bars promise a memorable night out with your closest girlfriends.

Celeste (Above)

If you're spending the weekend celebrating your soon-to-be-Mrs. status with an intimate group of girlfriends, add Celeste to the bachelorette weekend itinerary. The fourth floor outdoor garden awaiting you is refreshingly different from everything else in the River North neighborhood. Victorian-inspired seating, ivy-covered brick walls, and expertly crafted cocktails make for a truly glamorous evening.

Photo: Courtesy of Fremont via Facebook


The River North hotspot opened in December and brings a sleek vibe to the old American Junkie space. The second floor has a retractable roof that opens up to the night sky and an expansive area for you and your 'maids to dance the night away. Drinks will be easy to come by thanks to Fremont's three large bars and a unique tableside Moscow Mule service.

Photo: Courtesy of The J. Parker

The J. Parker

Most of the city's rooftop bars can be found in the Loop or River North. That's why The J. Parker's Lincoln Park location and relaxed environment make it stand out. From the top of Hotel Lincoln, you'll gain a whole new perspective of the city with sweeping views of Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park 13 floors below. With 140 seats outside and an extensive list of beer, wine, Champagne, and signature cocktails, it's easy to stay put all night.

Photo: Courtesy of The Godfrey Hotel

I|O Godfrey

The 1,000-square-foot River North space is ideal for bachelorette parties that don't have dancing on the agenda but still want a loungey, dress-to-impress atmosphere. Chic white chairs and couches and south-facing views of the city greet you on the fourth floor of The Godfrey Hotel. Chef-crafted drinks stand out from expected bar offerings as does the white cabana seating area if you spring for VIP treatment.

Photo: Courtesy of Virgin Hotels


Twenty-six floors up, an outdoor terrace wraps around three sides of the building so your group can take in views from nearly every angle. Once the out of towners are thoroughly impressed, settle into one of the plush couches, order a pitcher of cocktails, and spend the night dancing to DJ-spun hits. The evening's made even more perfect if you and your crew are staying at Richard Branson's cheeky 250-room Virgin Hotel below.

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Photo: Courtesy of ROOF on theWit

ROOF on theWit

ROOF on theWit pairs a club atmosphere with 360-degree views of the city from 27 stories up, made all the more captivating when the roof retracts on clear nights. A live DJ can usually be heard spinning, and there are plenty of areas to take in the scene: indoors by the DJ booth if the weather's iffy or outside on the patio if you want to soak in pinch-me views of Chicago.

Photo: Zach Segal via Instagram

Joy District

For a one-stop destination that offers outstanding food and energizing nightlife, look no further than the just-opened Joy District. Tuna poke cones and phyllo-wrapped shrimp "lollipops" will fuel the group for the night ahead. When you head up to the third floor rooftop (opening in May), you'll feel like you've been transported to Miami. The 3,000-square-foot, pastel-decorated rooftop serves frozen drinks like Miami Vices and Strawberry Daiquiris, making it the closest you'll get to a tropical destination bachelorette party without ever leaving Chicago.

For more luxe locales for all of your pre-wedding parties, head to our Chicago Venues page!


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