These Plates Will Take Your Wedding China Up a Notch

These Plates Will Take Your Wedding China Up a Notch

When sorting through the endless amounts of weddings we come across here at BRIDES, trends naturally begin to emerge. Often times they're not hyper-specific-we're thinking more along the lines of general trends like garden arrangements, or slip dresses, or unique bar set-ups. But recently we've been seeing one brand of plate everywhere among it-girl brides-to-be.

Laboratorio Paravincini creates the most whimsical and beautiful plates, and we've been seeing them not only used in weddings, but also at dinner parties and styled shoots-they've pretty much taken over our Instagram feeds.

Based in Milan, all of the plates are created with the utmost care; in their words: "Laboratorio Paravicini produces its own thin, white ceramic biscuit, on which Benedetta Medici and Costanza Paravicini hand paint or apply screen or digital printed designs. The final glazing is then applied over the decorations by high fire, and the result is a ceramic plate suitable for everyday use, indelible, non-toxic and dishwasher safe."

Although we would be lying if we said we would relegate these works of art for everyday use (we're thinking more along the lines of displaying them prominently on a wall post-wedding), the fact that they're dishwasher safe is honestly pretty impressive. After becoming aware of Laboratorio Paravincini via many saved Instagram posts (cue the oohhhing and ahhing), we decided to round up tabletop inspiration galore (even if you can't get your own Paravincini's!). Here are some of our favorite weddings, parties, and styled Instagrams using these unique and eccentric works of table art.

Fruit in the flowers, birds on the plates, mixed glassware… we're into it.

The pattern play between the gorgeous menu and the zodiac plates (!) are just perfection. We'd very much like to be invited to this party.

Paired with Hill House Home linens… yep.

We've said it once and we'll say it again… snakes are trending.

Yep, and here's another example. Don't be scared of the serpents, kiddos… embrace it. It's cool.

And paired with one of our fav bespoke linen companies, Julia B. (insert heart eye emoji).