How The Backstreet Boys Helped Pull Off a Surprise Proposal for a Marine Vet

How The Backstreet Boys Helped Pull Off a Surprise Proposal for a Marine Vet

It's a '90s dream come true: the Backstreet Boys helped plan a fan's proposal, and you're going to be all sorts of jealous when you hear the details. Last Friday, at Planet Hollywood's Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lance Williams, a 30-year-old Marine Corps veteran, popped the question to his super-fan girlfriend, 32-year-old psychologist Lori Meono, with the Backstreet Boys at his side during a pre-show meet-and-greet.

Before the meet-and-greet, the head of security escorted Williams to the photography area, where Meono was already meeting with the band members. The groom-to-be got down on one knee, but, like any of us, Meono was so distracted by the band (who she has seen perform over 100 times) that she didn't realize there was an even bigger surprise waiting for her! You can watch a video of the entire epic moment here.

During their three years together, the couple has attended another Backstreet Boys show together in the past, leading Williams to deciding that a concert would be the perfect proposal spot. “I don't think they even realize it, but the Backstreet Boys have literally watched me grow up,” the now bride-to-be told Entertainment Tonight. “I have pictures with them from when I was 11 years old. They have laid the soundtrack to my life's most memorable moments, and this is another prime example.”

She continued, “I don't think I would have ever in my wildest dreams imagined them being there during our engagement, but both Lance and the Backstreet Boys have taught me that things that seem to be outside the realm of possibility can still happen. This has been the best night of my life so far and I have no idea how I got so lucky.”

The couple got plenty of congratulations from the band, who were thrilled to be a part of their special moment. “I remember AJ teasing me and saying, 'Haha, we knew before you!' and Howie told me he was so happy for us three times,” said Meono. “They all looked so genuinely happy for us, and that's something I will remember forever.”

The bride added that she's positive the group will also play a part in their big day, regardless of whether or not they can make it.

“I know that the wedding music will be heavily centered on the boys, but I think we're also planning to send them invitations,” shared the groom. “If they aren't touring at the time and the stars align, maybe a miracle will happen.”

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