Kate Middleton Just Re-Wore Something from Her Wedding Day - And Totally Rocked It

Kate Middleton Just Re-Wore Something from Her Wedding Day - And Totally Rocked It

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You remember the Royal Wedding, don't you? The cheering crowds, the carriage ride through the crowded streets, the fairytale princess marrying her prince… Over five years later and our minds still constantly float back to the day when Kate Middleton stepped out of a vintage Rolls Royce at Westminster Abbey in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress to marry Prince William and become the Duchess of Cambridge. Go ahead, call us obsessed - we don't care. But we're not the only ones with the Royal Wedding on our minds. The former bride herself just stylishly served up a major throwback to her princess-perfect nuptials, re-wearing one of her bridal accessories from the big day.

That's the problem with bridal style, isn't it? Dropping so much cold hard cash on an epic ensemble you can only wear once. But who ever made that rule anyway? If you want to rock your wedding dress at the grocery store, more power to ya! While the Duchess of Cambridge didn't exactly pull her Alexander McQueen wedding dress from the back of her closet for her recent appearance at Windsor Castle (just imagine dragging that train around… ), she did pair her bold, red Catherine Walker coat with a precious piece of her wedding day - her bridal earrings!

Photo: Getty Images

Oh you know, just super casually recycling your diamond wedding day baubles on a normal Monday… We all know the Duchess is not afraid of repeating ensembles, as she has expertly re-accessorized and stylishly re-worn countless outfits, not giving a single damn like the royalty that she is. But recycling your wedding wear is a whole other ball game! According to Vanity Fair, the Duchess slipped on her bespoke Robinson Pelham earrings for the annual Garter Day Service at Windsor Castle, sparkling in their dangling diamond tear-drop design.

So what's stopping you from recycling your wedding day accessories? If Kate's doing it, it's gotta be cool, right? Or why not re-wear your wedding dress while you're at it? (Hey, we don't judge… )

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