Mandy Moore Shares Her Favorite Part of Her Wedding Day

Mandy Moore Shares Her Favorite Part of Her Wedding Day

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Mandy Moore may have gotten married to Taylor Goldsmith back in November, but she still can't stop talking about her big day. The 34-year-old actress and singer recently spoke to People Now and revealed her two favorite parts of the celebration, noting that both involved music.

"My brother-in-law sang as I walked out of our bedroom and and walked down the aisle. He sang this beautiful John Lennon song," she said. "And then, because my husband is a musician-he's in a band with his brother-for our reception it was really important for us to incorporate music, so we had all of our friends who are musicians, we had everyone come up and sing a song, and then Taylor and I got to sing a song together."

When asked about her pre-wedding nerves, Moore said she focused on her husband and her friends, rather than the stress of wedding planning.

"It actually wasn't stressful, but maybe because our approach was that we got married in our backyard and we had about 40 people there, so it was pretty intimate," she said during the interview. "And then we had our reception, our party afterwards, where we invited a couple more friends. I mean I think as long as you're surrounded by good people and looking back at pictures thinking 'I loved that,' I didn't stress out about it too much."

Another tip the newlywed has for couples? Stay present on your big day. "We stayed in constant communication with each other, " Moore said, adding, "It was really important for us to be present. I really wanted to enjoy the moment… I wanted to take it all in, and I think we did."

Moore also revealed that the couple initially met on Instagram after Moore shared her excitement about a new Dawes album.

"Somehow he found this little message that I left and sent a message through his folks to my folks, and we sort of started corresponding through email. Then we went on a first date," she said.

"It was the most epic, three-hour first date," Moore said. "We just didn't stop talking and then he left the next day to go on tour for six weeks, so we basically got to know each other and sort of fall in love on the phone and online."

It goes to show you: True love can be found online-and Mandy Moore is proof of it!

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