Ryan Reynolds on the Beauty Product He Steals From Wife Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds on the Beauty Product He Steals From Wife Blake Lively

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively never fail to remind us that they are #couplegoals. The duo, who have been married since 2012, have captured our hearts with their cheeky social media jokes and swoon-worthy quotes about one another. But there's another reason to love this hilarious pair: Blake and Ryan apparently share beauty products too.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Reynolds opened up about his new campaign for Armani Code Absolu, which he collaborated on with Georgio Armani to create. In addition to sharing his inspiration behind the fragrance, he revealed his own beauty routine is not that elaborate-and when he does use beauty products, he steals them from his wife.

“I don't really use a ton of beauty products, but on the days that are bone-chillingly dry or cold, I might steal some of my wife's moisturizer,” he admits-though it never goes according to plan. “I always choose the wrong one,” he said. “I use the body one or something, which to me, I don't see much of a difference, but she tells me it's wrong.”

While promoting his new fragrance, Reynolds also spoke to People about his and Blake's personal life, and how they keep their romance alive while balancing work and two children. The Deadpool actor revealed that sometimes a "date night" for the couple means quality time with their daughters, James, four, and Inez, two.

"It's different for everyone. It depends on what rings your bell. I love spending time with my kids, so if a date night can include them, it's pretty fun," the actor added.

Reynolds also sweetly (and vividly!) described his wife's smell: "Cinnamon and a midsummer thunderstorm," he described. (When/where can we get that perfume, Blake?)

The couple celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in December, years after their private South Carolina nuptials. While both actors are busy working on upcoming projects, they never fail to find time to troll each other on the Internet.

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