This Bride's Light-Up Cinderella Wedding Dress Is Legit Magical

This Bride's Light-Up Cinderella Wedding Dress Is Legit Magical

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From fairytale-inspired nuptials in Newport Beach, California to storybook "I dos" that took place at a legit castle, we've certainly seen our fair share of princess brides marrying their Prince Charmings in full-blown ball gown silhouettes. But the Disney-inspired wedding dress this bride donned for her big day has us wondering if she has an actual fairy godmother working her magic behind the scenes. Yes, it's that cool…

International Youtube and Instagram celebs Rachel Vennya and Niko Al Hakim tied the knot earlier this month in a wedding that would rival any Disney Princess's "I dos." Seriously, take your pick of Disney flicks and fast-forward to the Гјber-opulent weddings. Vennya has 'em all beat with her ridiculously regal wedding.

Remember 2015's Cinderella and its ethereal, lit-from-within trademark dress?

Yep, Vennya had it. When Vennya took the reception dance floor with her new husband for their first dance, her impossibly-voluminous strapless ball gown LEGIT LIT UP with teeny tiny lights, resulting in an absolutely magical fairy-tale effect.

She is actually twinning with Cinderella.


Meanwhile, if you could manage to tear your eyes away from Vennya's Cinderella wedding dress for a hot second, you'd notice that the groom's wedding day threads were also totally on-theme, featuring Prince Charming-inspired epaulets and a regal sash.

And since every princess deserves a costume change (usually with the help of some small woodland creatures), Vennya also slipped into a Snow White-themed frock at the reception, just because.

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But if you think that the Disney details ended there, oh, how wrong you'd be. The elaborate nuptials also included towering floral displays, a castle wedding cake, and more. If you have a minute (or 20… ), you can see all of the fairy-tale magic for yourself in the couple's wedding video above.

No word yet if Vennya's fairy godmother is taking appointments for other wedding-planner positions.


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