Princess Diana Reportedly Penned a Letter in 1995 Advising a Woman Having Marriage Problems

Princess Diana Reportedly Penned a Letter in 1995 Advising a Woman Having Marriage Problems

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The People's Princess truly lived up to her moniker. A newly released letter, which dates back to November 29, 1995, shows that Princess Diana once offered her condolences to a woman (whom she had never met) who was dealing with marriage problems.

According to The Sun, Diana's written correspondence-which will be up for auction later this month-had been addressed to a woman named Erika. The subject of the letter previously wrote to the beloved princess, detailing her troubled marriage. Using Kensington Palace stationery, the late royal then responded to the note, expressing her concern and sympathy.

"Dearest Erika," the letter begins, per The Sun. "I have received your letter and of course read it with concern and wish to support you in any way I can. There is a great deal of pain inside you, hence the block as you call it-that is a natural response for someone who has been through the traumas you've experienced."

Diana, whose own marriage to Prince Charles had very publicly dissipated by the time of her reply, went on to write, "Reading between the lines of your letter I feel a very special lady is struggling with a low self-esteem because of all the bruises you had to deal with, mentally and physically."

Seeming to speak from the heart, she added, "I do know that it takes great courage to write as you did and with that honesty and clarity the light will appear in your tunnel."

The message closed with one final sentiment: "I am thinking of you so much, hang on in there, Erika. Lots of love from Diana x."

Express notes that a British Royal collector recently obtained Diana's handwritten note, which is expected to sell for ВЈ4,000 (about $5,200) via Julien's Auctions. The head of the auction house, Martin Nolan, offered further insight into Diana's confidante.

"Our understanding is that Erika was a member of the public who was experiencing a troubled time and she wrote to Diana for advice and support as she herself had experienced a difficult time with the break up of her marriage," Nolan explained to Express. He added that, "It seems as if Diana is speaking from her own personal experience when she writes this."

The letter had actually been written a few days after Princess Diana's famed BBC Panorama interview, during which she opened up about her own marriage with Prince Charles. According to Express, she referenced her former husband's affair with his now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, in the interview.

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Diana's written communication came three years after she and Charles unofficially split. The pair didn't officially divorce until 1996, a year before the princess' untimely death.


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