Do We Have to Serve Champagne at Our Wedding?

Do We Have to Serve Champagne at Our Wedding?

Is there any sound more celebratory than the popping of a bottle of Champagne? A cool glass of bubbly is a timeless way to mark a special event, and bottles on ice go hand-in-hand with weddings. But is a wedding a wedding even if there's no Champagne? Here's what our experts have to say.

Whether you're having a dry wedding, want to keep costs down or just don't like the stuff, there's no reason you have to serve Champagne at your wedding. Yes, it may be synonymous with a celebration, but trust us, your wedding won't be any less of a party without it!

Is your wedding budget your concern? If you still want something sparkling, opt for a different sparkling wine like prosecco or cava. They're available in both sweet and dry varieties, and chances are most guests will be none the wiser, anyway. These alternative sparkling wines are also a great choice for a bubbly bar, with juices, fresh fruit and liqueurs for guests to mix their own drinks. If you have your heart set on Champagne, one budget-friendly option is to keep it off the bar and only pour a third of a glass for guests to sip during toasts.

Not a fan of Champagne? Skip it altogether. Save the money in your wedding budget for something you'll really love, whether it's top shelf whiskey, a great selection of wine or beer on tap. Also, when it's time for toasts, there's always the chance that some of those precious glasses of bubbly will be left on the table, missing only a sip or two, which is just cash down the drain. Why not invite guests to raise whatever glass they're holding instead?

For a dry wedding, you can stick to whichever beverages you've chosen or, if you still want that celebratory feel, you can pop a bottle of sparkling cider or sparkling grape juice. Same effervescent effect, minus the alcohol!