This Duggar Wedding Tradition Is Actually the Cutest Thing

This Duggar Wedding Tradition Is Actually the Cutest Thing

We're not exactly sure if chaperoned dates with your younger siblings and forbidden full-frontal hugs are technically considered traditions or just an act of patriarchal suppression, but if they are traditions of the famous Duggar fam, they're not the only ones these brides abide by. Each married member of the Duggar clan has also carried on a wedding tradition that's actually super sweet. In fact, you might even want to incorporate it into your own nuptials!

The wedding tradition, revealed in a new clip from the family's TLC series Counting On, has been passed down through three generations of Duggar women, with the now-married Jinger being the latest bride to participate. In the clip, mom Michelle is seen explaining to Jinger how all Duggar brides have cut a piece from the wedding dress both she and her own mother wore down the aisle, to tie into their own big day outfit.

"There's been a family tradition whenever one of the girls gets married, that they can take a piece of my mom and Grandma Duggar's dress-they wore the same dress for their weddings," said Jinger. "And so, we take a piece of that and incorporate it somewhere in our dress."

When Jill tied the knot, she used her slice of the heirloom gown for a handkerchief to keep those ceremony tears at bay, while Jess fashioned the fabric into a rosette she added to her bouquet. As for Jinger, she got a little more creative, opting to sew her piece of fabric into a heart and attach it to the inside of her wedding dress-right where her own heart lies.

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"It was neat to see how Miss Renee had so creatively incorporated that piece of my mom's and my grandma's dress into my dress by making a little heart and putting it over my heart," Jinger said of her dress designer. "Walking down the aisle, knowing that there's a little piece of that in there, it was kind of special."

With yet another Duggar daughter preparing to tie the knot (19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar and her fianc–ď© Austin Forsyt announced their plans to wed last month), we wonder how she'll end up using the passed-down dress into her own wedding day ensemble. With a dozen more daughters left to wed, these gals better start getting creative!