David's Bridal Airs Inclusive New TV Advertisement Featuring Lesbian Couple

David's Bridal Airs Inclusive New TV Advertisement Featuring Lesbian Couple

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While some bridal vendors unfortunately still haven't come to terms with today's evolving marriage dynamics, industry mogul David's Bridal is taking an enormous step in the right direction and welcoming change with open, Chantilly-lace clad arms.

Deemed "Rewrite the Rules," the company's latest ad campaign, released on January 7, celebrates the diversity of its bridal buyers. The 30-second made-for-TV clip alternates between wedding scenes, starting with the outdoor forest nuptials between an interracial couple. Next, a bride and groom exchange vows at the altar, joined by their young daughter. The clip then flashes to a lesbian newlywed couple dancing among guests at their reception-as one bride's father playfully interrupts to request his own turn. The montage concludes with a bohemian bride and groom, happily running barefoot along a beach.

The separate exchanges all individually pay modern nods to conventional wedding customs. The ad's voiceover reads, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And, above all else, something you."

According to a press release from the bridal fashion powerhouse, the commercial "illustrates David's Bridal's understanding of wedding evolution and how traditions are being redefined." As for the brides' gowns, pulled from the label's collection, each comes off as "authentically 'them'" in the context of the ad.

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While David's Bridal marketing campaigns of the past have largely centered around the product, we commend this shift to a more narrative approach in favor of its clientele. This isn't the first time the Pennsylvania-based company has made a valiant case for inclusivity, either-a 2015 ad campaign honored all body types with a size-14 model. In a time when full representation-be it size or sexuality-still feels somewhat lacking, David's Bridal has truly stepped up to the plate.

And as one enterprising Twitter user, spotted by The Daily Dot, playfully pointed out, it just makes good business sense too: "Honestly, lesbian weddings should be the bridal market's biggest target: two sets of everything!"


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