Watch Mariah Carey Help Her Backup Dancer Get Engaged

Watch Mariah Carey Help Her Backup Dancer Get Engaged

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Mariah Carey makes fantasies come true, and this was certainly the case for one of her backup dancers last weekend. During a performance of her Las Vegas residency “The Butterfly Returns” at Caesars Palace on Saturday, July 14, Carey took a break from scheduled programming to give her dancer, Manwe, the surprise of a lifetime.

Wearing a white gown herself, Carey called Manwe up to take center stage and introduced him to the audience. She asked him if there were any additional guests, and Manwe called up his boyfriend Sumeet.

“I've heard a lot about you,” Carey said to Sumeet. The “We Belong Together” singer played it cool even though she and Sumeet were already acquainted since he reached out about the surprise proposal. He had some fun with the moment and responded, “I've heard a lot about you, too.”

Carey left Sumeet to get on with the show and wished them luck as she fled the stage. “Manwe we've been planning this for a long time and you didn't know about it so hopefully you are surprised in a very big way,” she said.

Sumeet picked up where she left off saying, “Manwe, it's been a really crazy year.” His speech continued, but cheering from the crowd drowned out the sound in the video. The next thing you hear is Sumeet saying, “would you do me the honor,” as he drops to one knee. Manwee nods yes the two share a long hug and kiss.

“He said yes!!!” Carey wrote on Instagram sharing the video with her fans. "Congratulations Manwe and Sumeet!!”

Sumeet and Manwe also took to social media and used Instagram to thank the Grammy award winner for the opportunity. “Thank you @mariahcarey for letting me steal the show for a minute to profess my love to @according2manwe #engaged,” Sumeet wrote.

Sharing the video again Manwe said, “The video that went viral. Thank you to my boss @mariahcarey thank you to @bryantanaka and everyone who was in on this. And above all thank you to my future husband @sumeetnpotatoes love you with all my heart and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

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We can't help but wonder: Will Mimi do them the honor of performing at their wedding? Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


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