What to Know When Planning a Wedding While Pregnant

What to Know When Planning a Wedding While Pregnant

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If you're a bride who's expecting, you may have way bigger things on your mind than how you'll walk down the aisle. After all, with a baby on the way, who has time to think about seating assignments? (You have our permission to pass this off to your partner as “baby brain”!) But does having a bun in the oven mean you must scale back on your plans, or can you still have a big wedding? Our experts are here to answer your pregnant wedding planning questions.

The way you decide to celebrate your wedding is up to you and your budget, whether you're with child or not. The old rules say that a couple that's expecting should cut to the chase and have a quick-and-dirty ceremony, but the rule is just that: old. Throw it out the window and celebrate the way you want to!

Planning a wedding while pregnant can bring up some family drama, but try not to let it stop you. Invite the people you care about to celebrate with you, and hope that they'll be able to put their opinions aside and be a part of your joy. So if your vision is small and intimate, whittle down the guest list and fill the private room at your favorite restaurant. And if a big party with a band and a towering cake is more your speed, go for it!

No matter what type of wedding you're planning, there are a few tips a pregnant bride should keep in mind:

Schedule your dress fittings for the last possible moment. Your body will be changing every day, so put off altering your dress until you're as close to your wedding-day size as you can get. This is especially true if you've chosen a dress that is more form-fitting instead of flowy.

Include breaks in your timeline. Growing a baby is hard work, and can take a toll on both your physical and emotional well-being. Instead of waiting until you need a break, plan some time to rest and regroup every couple of hours throughout the day to proactively take care of yourself. Weddings can be overwhelming, so scheduled quiet time will also give you a chance to get your emotions in check and have a snack (see below).

Pack snacks. It's hard enough to make it between meals when you're not pregnant, but if you're expecting? Well, you'd better make sure there's something in your bag. Reach for healthy and energizing treats like fresh fruit, wedges of hard cheese, a banana and peanut butter, or nuts and dried fruit. Don't forget to drink lots of water!

Nominate a bathroom buddy. Every bride needs someone to help her head to the restroom in her wedding gown, and it's even more important when there's what feels like a watermelon on your bladder. Know who this person is in advance so she's never too far from your side.

Take a seat. Even if your ceremony clocks in at under 15 minutes, that might be too much time standing for your body to handle comfortably. Arrange to have two seats set at the altar (one for you, one for your S.O. so you're not sitting alone) in case that break you need to have happens before you exchange vows.

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Be meticulous with the menu. As you're deciding what to serve at your reception, keep your pregnancy in mind. There are some foods that pregnant women should avoid, like unpasteurized cheeses or undercooked meat. While you can definitely create a menu just for you, why not extend those regulations to the entire guest list so you don't feel left out? Braised short ribs are totally indulgent-and no one will miss the filet.


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