What Meghan Markle's Wedding-Day Hairstyle Will Look Like

What Meghan Markle's Wedding-Day Hairstyle Will Look Like

Former actress and future royal bride Meghan Markle has quite the glam squad. To maintain her to-die-for complexion, the bride-to-be credits London-based facialist Nichola Joss with her glowing skin, largely thanks to Joss's extensive "inner facials" that even include a massage of the inner mouth. While the rest of us commoners probably don't get this special treatment during our facials, Markle does resort to a more familiar stylist when it comes to her locks-the ever-popular Drybar chain. The hair salon's founder, Alli Webb, sat down with Australian talk show Today Extra and dished on her celeb client, who was a regular at the salon's Hollywood location. She also revealed her predictions for the bride-to-be's potential wedding-day 'dos. Might Markle's signature messy bun make an appearance!?

Based on Markle's previous hairstyles, Webb thinks she might go for a more romantic look. "She has naturally curly hair and she likes a smooth blow-out with soft waves, as we've seen," she told the show's hosts, according to The Daily Mail. "My prediction is she'll do soft waves, hair half-up with some curls, very soft and pretty." Markle has sported a similar look during several outings with Prince Harry, including royal appearances and during her engagement announcement, pictured below. We can totally envision her walking down the aisle with her gorgeous locks styled as so.


However, Kate Middleton wore a similar hairstyle when she wed Prince William in 2011, so Markle may want to shake things up a bit (as she's been known to do). Plus, she can rock the messy bun like no one's business. The future royal has committed to this effortless hairstyle numerous times, like during her visit to Cardiff Castle with Harry in the photo below. She's been partial to wearing messy buns in the middle of her head with a middle part and a few excess front pieces. While some might argue this casual look isn't befit a royal, Markle Mania fans seem to have taken a liking to it, and we fully support her styling her locks however she pleases come May 19, messy bun and all.

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Markle will also most likely have her choice of royal tiaras to show off as she walks down the aisle, which would bode well with a sleek, straight look. She wore this hairstyle during an outing with the Fab Four last Christmas. If Markle styled her hair this way for the wedding, there's no doubt her locks would be the envy of every televised royal wedding viewer.

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Just as Markle's wedding dress designer remains a mystery, there's no word on who will get the honors of prepping her hair for the long-awaited wedding. But, when Today Extra's cohosts asked Webb if she was interested in the gig, she admitted she would "be there in a second." Ed Sheeran had a similar response when asked if he would perform for the newlywed's nuptials, and rumor has it he's been chosen to step up to the task. If that's the case, Webb might actually get her shot after all. (Put yourself out there, and you shall receive!)

Despite not having any insight on her wedding dress, envisioning Meghan Markle's wedding-day hairstyle is making us all the more excited to see this bride walk down the aisle.