What to Pack for a Safari Honeymoon

What to Pack for a Safari Honeymoon

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Heading out on an African safari for your honeymoon is bound to be the adventure of a lifetime. But packing for one can be an adventure in and of itself. Knowing you'll experience a wide range of temperatures, terrains, encounters, and, of course, photographs can make packing those safari-friendly bags quite the undertaking. Luckily, experts are here to help.

Thanks to the advice from the team at AdventureWoman, a woman-owned and women-operated adventure travel company run by co-owner Judi Wineland and her two daughters, Erica and Nicole, here are some of the best recommendations based on their expert advice.

Courtesy of Lush

All you'll need are three very different scarves and a few sweaters to make a simple black maxi look like a totally different dress each time. This knit maxi available at Nordstrom is not only super-affordable but a classic too. (Lush knit maxi dress, Nordstrom, was $52, now $39)

Courtesy of ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo

If you're a sucker for a good designer, even on safari, this maxi by ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo is sure to become a staple in your post-safari wardrobe. (Bonus points for adding a leopard scarf or khaki green cargo jacket for the ultimate look for the occasion.) (ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo striped racerback tank dress, Neiman Marcus, $195)

Courtesy of Birkenstock

A pair of comfortable, supportive, yet fashionable sandals can be difficult to come by, but they're essential. Birkenstock's classic two-strap Arizona Sandals are known for their comfort, and are neutral enough to add to any outfit (and back in style!). Opt for a dark, neutral color, like this pair in deep brown, to hide any dirt spots they may acquire. (Just be sure to break these in around the house before heading on your trip!) (Birkenstock Arizona two-strap sandals, Birkenstock, $100)

Courtesy of Rainbow Sandals

Another recommended comfy sandals are Rainbow's leather flip flops. Their classic single-layer premium nubuck leather with arch support have nonslip bottoms for durable support. (Rainbow leather sandal, Nordstrom, $54)

Courtesy of Prana

Comfortable yet stylish, wrinkle-resistant pants will become your new best friend on safari. Opt for neutral colors like black, dark green, or charcoal gray to help hide any dirt or stains while still looking as chic as possible. Prana's sage convertible pants, made with rip-stop fabric, are water repellent and quick-drying-important features for an adventure. As an added bonus, they have the popular '90s feature of converting at the knee from pants to shorts for warmer days. (Prana convertible pant, Prana, was $89, now $54)

Courtesy of Athleta

Athleta's Aspire Ankle Pant are another great option. With a tapered leg and made with the perfect amount of stretch, they're breathable, packable, and offer UPF 50+ protection. (Athleta Aspire ankle pant, Athleta, $79)

Courtesy of Nordstrom

The team at AdventureWoman advises that a trusty mascara is really the only makeup you'll need, which is music to your toiletry bag. A cult favorite, Bobbi Brown's No Smudge Mascara is long-wearing and waterproof, ensuring it will stay on during your excursions. The easy-to-apply brush makes it a breeze to get even the tiniest lashes, and it's buildable-so you can still rock glam lashes in the heart of the jungle. (Bobbi Brown No Smudge mascara, Nordstrom, $30)

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Even though you just got a sparkly new ring, it might be wise to leave it safe and secure at home, in a safe or in a safety deposit box. Instead, opt for some inexpensive yet quality statement jewelry, so you can still rock some trendy baubles without worrying about losing anything important. (Precious metal plated 2ct tw cubic zirconia earrings, Nordstrom, $46)

Courtesy of Macy's

In addition to the studs, grab a simple pendant necklace like this one from Kate Spade, and your favorite inexpensive bangle or bracelet to still feel accessorized. (Kate Spade initial pendant, Kate Spade New York, $58)

Courtesy of Knockaround

Sunglasses are a must-but you might want to save the expensive designer brands for a beach vacation. Pack a pair or two that you won't have to worry about, such as these from Knockaround. Offering “quality shades that won't break the bank,” these affordable plastic shades come in a variety of styles and colors sure to suit every traveler. One of their top sellers, the glossy tortoise shell/amber Mai Tais offer UV400 protection, and optional polarization. (Knockaround Mai Tais glossy tortoise shell sunglasses, Knockaround, $20)

Courtesy of Patagonia

While daytime can be extremely warm, nighttime can be cool as the sun sets and temperatures drop. Thus, layering is key! Packing your perfect jacket or sweater is essential. Some of our favorites include Patagonia Women's Better Sweater 1вЃ„4-zip fleece for its deceptively lightweight warmth. (Patagonia Better Sweater 1вЃ„4-zip fleece, Nordstrom, $99)

Courtesy of H&M

For a versatile layered-look, snag H&M's short hooded parka. (H&M Short Hooded Parka, H&M,$50)

Courtesy of Lululemon

And Lululemon's Wrap It Up Sweater in warm merino wool has it all, complete with thumbholes and zippered pockets. (Lululemon Wrap It Up sweater, Lululemon, $148)

Courtesy of REI

A trusty carabiner is sure to come in handy. While you'll undoubtedly need a swimsuit for safari, lugging a wet bathing suit around is not only annoying, but it's also kind of gross. Remember to pack a carabiner, like this one from REI, so you can easily attach your wet suit to the outside of your bag, letting it dry while you're in a safari vehicle heading to your next camp! (Black Diamond RockLock screw-gate carabiner, Amazon, $11)

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Courtesy of Lomography

When it comes to photography, you'll need to consider packing or purchasing a quality camera that is travel friendly and lightweight. After all, if you don't post it-did it really happen? This retro-chic instant camera by Lomograophy will definitely capture all your memories. (Lomography Lomo Instant Sanremo, Amazon, $109)

Courtesy of Steamline

As you put together your new safari ready wardrobe, you will need a place to put it all. Stow away your new buys in a suitcase that you can easily carry form the airport to the terrain. This carry-on features natural linen and sophisticated black leather so you can do it in style. (Steamline the Editor black carry-on, Steamline, $560)

Courtesy of Mark & Graham

It couldn't hurt to continue your pre-wedding beauty routine while on your honeymoon. Stash all your staples and that all-important sunscreen in one of these makeup bags that double as the perfect excuse to use your new monogram. (Concourse travel pouch, Mark & Graham, $69)

Courtesy of Danner

If you're going on a safari honeymoon, it may not be the best time to pack your sandals. Protect your feet with a pair of these classic hiking boots. (Danner Cascade Mountain hiker boot, Free People, $360)

Courtesy of Levi's

While the Patagonia above is a great option on a casual cool safari night, it might not go with your date-night look with your new spouse. This army green jacket will go with either of the maxi dresses and pairs perfectly with jeans. (Levi's army shirt jacket, Levi's, $90)

Courtesy of H&M

On any vacation, packing a pair of jeans is never a bad idea. Try this crisp white pair from H&M. (H&M straight regular jeans, H&M, $40)


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