6 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions for New Moms

6 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions for New Moms

Ah, postpartum sex. It can be a little intimidating. We know. You're possibly experiencing residual pain down south and with the media telling you you're stretched out for life (a complete lie, by the way), why wouldn't it be a tad nerve wracking?

It is true that new moms experience a host of changes post-delivery. For a vaginal delivery, it typically takes about six weeks to heal. This means you're out of the sex game for a while. We assume this isn't shocking news; you did just push a human being out of your body.

Additionally, breastfeeding moms might experience vaginal tenderness and dryness, which may alter what you find enjoyable during sexual play.

The fact might be that the sex positions that worked for you before pregnancy might not after giving birth. You may find that your old fan favorites come back into the running down the line, but your body has been through some big changes so, being open to some new moves is key.

Try these 6 postpartum sex moves so mom can get her groove back.

1. Woman Superior

You may want to lean in for this one, one hand on either side of your partner's shoulders, once you're comfortable. Try rocking back and forth, rather than bouncing up and down. Your cervix may still be tender so you'll want to see what works.

Being on top is great for first-time post-baby sex because it allows you to have the control of speed, depth, and rhythm. Since you're the one who went through some major bodily changes, it's important to listen to what your body is telling you.

2. Mutual Masturbation

You may not be ready for penetration, even if you're at the six week mark and your OB/GYN has OK-ed sex. That's really fine. Every person's body is different and after so much change (and let's be real, pain), you may have some anxiety about getting back in saddle.

Start slowly with sexual play. You need to get comfortable in the post-pregnancy flow. Try putting on one of your favorite porn scenes (or find a new one!) and masturbate side-by-side with your partner. Post-baby you is still you, but you may need to reestablish intimacy with both your partner and your body.

3. O. ral sex

When you're post-baby, some straight-up lip service might be the thing you need most. As with mutual masturbation, you're getting used to your new body and what it can do. This is a great way to reintroduce sexual pleasure in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming.

We're sure your partner will have no trouble obliging. Your clitoris deserves some attention, always.

4. Half-moon Missionary

Missionary may be old faithful, but that level of depth can be uncomfortable for a post-baby vagina. There is no shame in that game. Of course, there are always ways around every obstacle if you believe!

Jokes aside, try a half-moon missionary instead. Lie on your back with one leg straight. Spread the other and place it over your partner's shoulder. Have him or her enter you from below. Be sure to communicate openly about how you're feeling. If you need them to slow down, say so. Post-baby sex is about figuring out what works for you, first and foremost.

5. Flat Doggy Style

Doggy style is good fun, but for new moms it can be too intense. The penetration is deep and the thrusting isn't always in your control depending on how you usually enjoy this position.

Instead, try it flat. This position allows you to have that rear entry feeling, without your partner going too deep or too fast. The last thing you want is any pain. If you feel discomfort, slow down or take a break.

You can try placing a pillow under your pelvis for a little extra lift. This will make thrusts even shallower. Don't be afraid to experiment.

6. Spooning

You're a new mama and you're tired. Don't sleep on a classic spoon. It can be just the thing you want when you're getting your sexy sea legs back. Have your partner be the big spoon and enter you from behind.

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Have them move slowly. They can even whisper some dirty, sweet nothings in your ear to let you know how hot you are. Spooning might be a lazy sex position, but it gets the job done.

Oh, one more thing: DON'T FORGET THE LUBE.

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.