Jennifer Lopez Has Been Alex Rodriguez's Dream Date Since 1998

Jennifer Lopez Has Been Alex Rodriguez's Dream Date Since 1998

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez may have only been together for a few years, but A-Rod has apparently had eyes for JLo since the '90s!

A recently resurfaced video from MLB Networks' Intentional Talk shows a young Rodriguez proclaiming JLo as his dream date in 1998, before the couple even met. "What would a dream date with Alex Rodriguez be?" asked the interviewer.

"Jennifer Lopez," Rodriguez responded with a smile. "Hopefully you can find me a date with her."

Apparently, for the baseball star, dreams really do come true. More than 20 years later A-Rod has managed to score a lifetime of dates with the singer after proposing to her with a gorgeous emerald-cut diamond ring earlier this year.

MLB Networks originally shared the throwback video on Instagram on Wednesday with the caption "@arod always knew, @jlo."

Rodriguez responded to the adorable video by reposting it on his own Instagram account. "I just had a feeling," A-Rod captioned the post.

Although the pair has been engaged since February, they have yet to pick a wedding date. According to Lopez, both of them have had pretty busy schedules recently so they are still deciding when they want to say "I do!" Still, this video makes us anxiously await the clearly fated moment when they do tie the knot.

Lopez even gave the romantic video, and A-Rod's longtime love for her, a stamp of approval commenting, "OMG… i love this too much." We love it too, JLo. We love it, too.

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