Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen Is Engaged!

Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen Is Engaged!

Congratulations are in order for YouTube star Hannah Hart. The host of My Drunk Kitchen is engaged to her longtime girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko!

“#enGAYged,” Hart wrote on Instagram with a series of ring selfies. “I proposed! She said yes! There were many wonderful and hilarious details involved and we will share them all, but right now I just really needed to tell you guys and didn't want to wait anymore. We will do a whole video about it and tell the whole story. But right now is just to share the exciting news!!! We are gonna get married, babyyyy!!”

Hart eventually told the whole story to People and shared the news with her fans via her YouTube channel with a video titled “Everything Changes.”

“It's so exciting to share our engagement story,” Hart told the entertainment magazine. “There is just not enough positive queer representation out there of the realities of being in queer relationships. It means all the same things as heterosexual relationships. We cry when we get engaged and fall in love and find people we want to spend the rest of our lives with.”

While their engagement story ended with a yes, it wasn't without its hiccups along the way. Hart said her beach proposal in Hawaii almost didn't happen due to rain and a ring mixup. She bought the ring months ago with plans to propose in Hawaii, but left it at home ahead of the first stop on their vacation, Japan. Flooding in Japan cut their trip short, but they still ended up in Oahu, Hawaii-where the couple first said “I love you.”

"We knew we wanted to get engaged in 2018, but I told Ella that I really wanted to be the one to pop the question," Hart told Cosmopolitan. "Ella has been the brave one in our relationship, and so I really wanted to show her how much she means to me by being brave in return. I bought the ring in March and hid it in our apartment behind my board games, a place I knew she would never look."

Hart had to scramble to get the ring in time and not miss this perfect impromptu proposal moment. Once the Catbird engagement ring-featuring a pear-shaped diamond flanked by two smaller stones-arrived, she hid it in a sand castle bucket along with two baby champagne bottles and a souvenir shot glass. The food vlogger popped the question just as the sun was setting.

“I thought she was pranking me because we fake propose to each other in bad situations-like at the line at IKEA on a Saturday-until she pulled out the box,” said Mielniczenko, an executive producer at BuzzFeed. “I saw the ring and it was not what was described at all, but it is something I feel so comfortable wearing.”

There were no jokes here. The couple (affectionately called “Hella” by their fans) are planning for a long engagement in preparation of a large wedding in 2020.

"It's going to be one helluva bash!" Hart told Cosmo. "We both have so many wonderful people in our lives that we want to take our time planning a wedding weekend that will be a blast for everyone."

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In addition to planning a wedding, Hart is working on a show with Ellen DeGeneres's digital network to help people propose to their loved ones. “We have so many improvement shows, but what if all you need is just help showing someone how much someone means to you,” Hart said.

With her own love story and romantic engagement under her belt, we can't wait to see how she helps other couples do the same.