8 Couples Share Why They Got Engaged After Knowing Each Other for Less Than 2 Months

8 Couples Share Why They Got Engaged After Knowing Each Other for Less Than 2 Months

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Dating can sometimes feel like a game, where time, energy, and awkward firsts are exchanged. But for some couples, it's not about following a rule book, or even a timeline for that matter-it's about trusting their gut, or their heart, and deciding to take things to the next level with the person of their dreams, even if they've only known that person for a very short time.

Read on to hear stories of 8 couples who share why they got engaged after only knowing each other for less than two months.

1. It Was a Shotgun Wedding

“Shortly after our first few dates, I got pregnant. Yes, we hardly knew each other, but now we were having a baby together. We decided that we were not only going to keep the baby but that we were going to tie the knot. We've since been married for three years.” -Lisa S., 27

2. When You Know, You Know

“We dated for a month and spent practically every single day together. We were living together by week number two. I know that sounds extremely fast but we just knew that we were soulmates. We were in our forties and by that age, you just meet someone and know.” -Diane R., 49

3. Our Parents Were Already Pissed

“We both are from very different religious backgrounds. I'm Jewish and my husband is Muslim. When we started dating, our parents were very upset at us. They did everything they could to keep us apart, including taking away our cell phones and computers so we couldn't communicate with each other. We would sneak out to see each other and after a little while we just snuck away and got married. We've only been married six months. Our parents do not talk to us and haven't since they found out.” -Erica P., 29

4. I Didn't Want to Do Long Distance

“I started dating someone who lived in Canada (and I was living in Los Angeles) and we spent a few weeks talking on the phone, FaceTiming, and spending weekends flying back and forth to see each other. We knew this wasn't going to be sustainable. When he asked if we should just get married, I figured why not? It would eventually make him a U.S. citizen and it could be a less hectic way for us to give this a shot. We did it and we were divorced only four months later.” -Cynthia S., 32

5. We Figured Life Was Short

“I have always believed in love at first sight because I'm a hopeless romantic who wants to live out a fairytale situation with my spouse. After the first date, I knew I met my Prince Charming. He felt like he met the love of his life. We saw each other a lot in the first month and then about 6 weeks into dating, he popped the question, and I said yes. We're planning on getting married in 2019.” -Sandy F., 29

6. It Was a Drunken Decision

“Simply put, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless you meet a random guy at a nightclub, get blackout drunk, and wake up married. Sounds like a bad movie? It was my life. It took a month to get the marriage annulled and a lifetime to get my friends and family to stop talking about it.” -Terri V., 31

7. It Was Husband #3

“What's the third marriage? Really, it's nothing. I asked my husband to marry me on the second date. He said sure. It sounds crazy but when you're my age, you don't believe in playing the long game when it comes to dating, you just go for it. We've been married, happily, for five years.” -Grace B., 64

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8. It Was Mostly for the Benefits

“I work for myself and my husband works for a big company with lots of benefits. I, no joke, was like, 'Can we just get married so I can be on your insurance?' He laughed and then said okay. We had only known each other for two months. I also really knew he was awesome then, so it wasn't just for benefits, but that didn't hurt! We're still married (two years later) and I have the best health insurance of any freelancer in the world!” -Rochelle W., 26


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