Up-and-Coming Kitchen Brand Material Has the Stuff of Wedding Registry Dreams in its Latest Collection

Up-and-Coming Kitchen Brand Material Has the Stuff of Wedding Registry Dreams in its Latest Collection

We're just gonna say what you've all probably been thinking-shopping for kitchen wedding registry picks is a bit of a bore compared to, say, new sheet sets and decorative pillows. There are only so many variations of the same knife sets, spoons, spatulas, etc. that you and your S.O. can scope out before your eyes start to glaze over. And how are you supposed to know whether the $500 cutlery kit is actually better than $150 version?

Here to answer your kitchenware cry for help is up-and-coming brand Material. Launched just last year, the company prioritizes well-designed creations for everyday use, which is clearly evidenced in Material's incredibly affordable debut collection, the Fundamentals. Infusing functionality and modern design, the seven-piece set, priced at only $175, has been specially curated to accommodate any at-home chef, no matter how novice. Further solidifying its status as the "whole package," the kitchenware series also comes with a magnetic base to store your utensils and prevent your knives from going dull.

Now, Material is back (by very popular demand, mind you) with its sophomore version of the Fundamentals, fittingly deemed the Iconics. You get the same great pieces, plus three new additions, for $245. Not to mention new color options have been added into the mix-along with the original Almost Black and Cool Neutral colorways, you and your partner can also choose between limited-edition Blush and Blue-Gray hues for your wedding registry.

Courtesy of Material

So, what exactly can you expect from the brand's latest direct-to-consumer kit? Here's the rundown:

1. The Air Whisk (new): The stainless steel essential features 12 wire loops and an easy-to-clean head.

2. The Slotted Spoon (new): Another collection newcomer, the spoon makes draining any water or liquid a breeze while cooking.

3. The Serrated 6” Knife (new): Wavy serration gives this utensil the ultimate edge (pun intended), meaning cleaner and smoother cuts.

4. The 8” Knife: Made from three layers of Japanese steel.

5. The Almost 4” Knife: Also sourced from the same material, the knife was designed with precision in mind for mincing, peeling, and shaving.

6. The Base: Cluttered kitchen no more! Safely organize the entire collection.

7. The Metal Spoon: A wide head makes for more efficient scooping and stirring.

8. The Only Tongs: The name says it all. Thanks to a one-handed locking mechanism and a tilted head that ensures no contact with your pristine kitchen counter, you'll never need another pair of tongs.

9. The Slotted Spatula: Constructed to handle everything from a filet of fish to pancakes.

10. The Wood Spoon: Leave no corner of your pots and pans un-sauced with the spoon's sloped head.

Courtesy of Material

Already registered for the Fundamentals set, or have the original? No problem. Material offers the Three Tool set to round off the collection, featuring the Iconics' new spoon, whisk, and serrated knife. In addition, the brand has launched the Stand, a $75 knife block to house the three renditions from the series.

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Shop both the Fundamentals and the Iconics on the Material website now, and officially cross the kitchenware you never knew you needed off your wedding registry list. You're guaranteed the best of both worlds with long-lasting utensils and chic storage.