CNN Anchor Don Lemon and Tim Malone Are Engaged!

CNN Anchor Don Lemon and Tim Malone Are Engaged!

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CNN anchor Don Lemon is engaged, and it all happened with a little help from a furry friend.

The CNN Tonight With Don Lemon host announced his engagement to Tim Malone via Instagram on Saturday, revealing the sweet way Malone proposed. The photo shows off the couple's dog's tag, emblazoned with the words "Daddy, will you marry papa?"

"He gave me a present on his birthday. How could I say no?" Lemon wrote beneath the shot, in which you can see his gorgeous platinum and diamond engagement band. He shared the same picture to his Instagram story, writing, "He put a ring on it." And the image made a third appearance on Malone's story with the words, "He said yes!" According to People, the proposal went down on Friday after the pair celebrated Malone's birthday in Manhattan.

The couple met in the summer of 2016, and made a very public declaration of their love when they rang in 2018 with a New Years Eve kiss live on the air. “I found love,” Lemon told his co-host Brooke Baldwin at the time, per People. Both Malone and Lemon's Instagram feeds are filled with photos of the two of them together, doing things like hanging out with their dogs and traveling to beautiful beaches around the world.

In an interview with Metrosource magazine last year, Lemon revealed the full story behind how he and Malone got together after meeting for the first time at a restaurant in NYC. "He was seeing someone, and I was playing the field. They broke up, and we got together, but we knew each other as friends for a year and a half," he said.

He went on to admit that before he met Malone, finding the right relationship proved to be quite the challenge. "I'm never sure why people are interested in me. Is it because of me? Is it because of what I do? Is it because they think they're gonna get some sort of fame, or… I have no idea."So in that sense, dating was a bit difficult. And it's probably why I was single for so long, 'cause I was just so focused on my career and probably not so trusting of people wanting to get into a relationship with me," he said.

Clearly, he's found the right person (and the right dogs!) to share his life with.

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