Will Princess Eugenie's Royal Wedding Be Publicly Televised?

Will Princess Eugenie's Royal Wedding Be Publicly Televised?

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Royal bride-to-be Princess Eugenie may be taking a wedding cue from her cousin, Prince Harry, in more ways than one. Eugenie is set to marry her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank, at the same venue Meghan Markle and Harry tied the knot-St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle-October 12. Now, with another royal wedding on the docket, there's also the question of whether it will be televised for public viewing. So, will Princess Eugenie similarly walk down the aisle alongside a camera crew?

At the moment, it's too soon to tell, but royal expert Omid Scobie (who also offered hints regarding Meghan Markle's wedding dress prior to the wedding), implied that Eugenie's nuptials may, in fact, be televised. Scobie voiced his thoughts via a June 28 episode of "On Heir," a podcast that he co-hosts primarily dedicated to royal news.

"Looking back at some of the smaller royal weddings, they don't normally get televised; however, there is a lot of interest in Eugenie's wedding," says Scobie. "I think the fact that we had billions of people watching Harry and Meghan's wedding this time around showed just how much interested there will be."

Plus, some of the royal wedding guests themselves will also be worth watching, including the bride's entire fam.

"And the fact that every member of the royal family will be there in October makes this one of the most anticipated events on the social calendar later this year," Scobie added. "There will be lots of interest. No doubt, every major network has requested some sort of access."

New details have slowly begun to emerge regarding the second widely-anticipated British royal wedding of the year (third if you count the royal family's first upcoming same-sex wedding). Reports from Daily Mail indicate that Prince William's eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte (sorry, Prince Louis), will have another shot at being ultra adorable bridal party members in Eugenie's ceremony. Compared to Harry and Meghan's wedding, we can also expect Eugenie's to have a much less expensive price tag, considering there will likely be fewer security precautions put into place.

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Here's hoping we can all reuse our former royal wedding watch party necessities and have the live opportunity to witness Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank say "I do."


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