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You Can Now Get Carrie Bradshaw's Wedding Shoes for $47

You Can Now Get Carrie Bradshaw's Wedding Shoes for $47

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Fans of the first Sex and the City movie remember all too well Carrie Bradshaw's first and failed wedding to Mr. Big (if that was a spoiler, you're totally missing out on one of the most epic on-screen wedding dresses of all time!). Had Big actually deigned to show up, he would've seen Carrie in that unforgettable Vivienne Westwood dress. But because he left her at the altar (and because he gifted her with the shoes in the first place), we got to see her later on in the movie wearing a white suit with the most stunning blue satin Manolo Blahnik pumps.

If you've crushed on Carrie Bradshaw's wedding day style half as much as we have, you'll be excited to know that these shoes can be yours for just $47… sort of. Well-known British retailer Marks & Spencer sells a similar pump for less than 50 bucks-a huge discount, given that the OG Manolos Carrie wore sell for $965.

Marks & Spencer blue satin shoes similar to Manolo Blahnik pumps Carrie Bradshaw wore in first Sex and the City wedding to Big

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Courtesy of Marks & Spencer

An added bonus for these doppelgänger shoes is that they come with Insolia technology, shoe science found in most Marks & Spencer footwear. The trademarked product claims that it "redistributes your weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability."

Translation: these can double as your dancing shoes-you'll be able to wear them all night long.

Even though Carrie had to wait for her courthouse wedding to wear the breathtaking pumps in question (two eye-catching pops of color for otherwise understated outfit), they spoke to the kind of fashion instincts that made Carrie iconic. Whether it was a pair of jeans, a little black dress, or a wedding suit, she always added that one accessory that upgrade an ensemble from stylish to Carrie Bradshaw-level chic.

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So if $965 is the majority of your dress budget (which is true for most brides), consider Marks & Spencer's alternative, which promises to be more comfortable and just as stylish. And if you dance the night away like any bride should on their wedding night, your feet will be moving too fast for anyone to be checking out the label-or the price tag.


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