6 Brides Reveal the Most Unique Thing On Their Wedding Registry

6 Brides Reveal the Most Unique Thing On Their Wedding Registry

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What other time than in advance of your wedding do you get put together a long list of items you want, and need, and ask your guests to buy them for you? That's why your wedding registry should be carefully constructed, well-thought out, and include some out of the box items that you and your fiancГ© crave.

If your kitchen is already stocked with the latest blender, coffee maker, or food processor, why not fill your wedding registry up with items that you actually need to make the start of your wedding feel fun, stress-free, and personal to you and your partner?

We asked 6 real women to reveal the most unique, and perhaps outrageous, items that they put on their wedding registries.


“I'll be honest and say that I got selfish with my wedding registry. My fiancé and I both put one thing on there we both wanted but couldn't afford. He put season passes to the Lakers games and I put a year's worth of Botox. Family and friends laughed when they saw my 'one thing' but they did give me money for it. It felt good getting a gift that would benefit me and help me feel, and look, like my best self in marriage.” -Erica P., 27

Restaurant Gift Cards

“We don't cook and we don't need things for our house. When we were putting together our registry we decided to put something very unique on it. We asked people to buy us restaurant gift cards (to places like Taco Bell, Houston's, and Red Lobster) and we put two Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Passes on there, hoping people would snag those for us. In the end, we made out with enough restaurant gift cards so that we could eat out for an entire year for free. It was the best idea since we had no interest in kicking off our marriage by learning how to cook.” -Terry V., 26


“The oddest item we put on our registry was a bidet. It's something I had in my parent's house growing up and it's something my now husband, then fiancé, hadn't used before. But I wanted to have one for our home together. He know loves it and it saves us a lot of money on toilet paper every year.” -Wendy S., 27

Couple's Therapy

“I know it seemed crazy to our guests but I'm a big advocate for going to therapy and I also know how expensive it can be. At the time, my then fiancé and I had never been to couple's therapy, but I put a fund on the registry that people could contribute to a 'therapy fund' for our future. I figured we'd tap into it whenever we were experiencing relationship problems in the future.” -Erica W., 29

Student Loan Debt Fund

“A big part of our marriage was figuring out how to join together our finances and of our debt. Between the both of us, we still had over $100,000 in student loan debt to pay off. Instead of getting a bunch of gifts we didn't need (because we already lived together for six years and have a stocked house), we decided to ask for people to contribute to our student loan debt. We were able to pay off around $60,000 of it with wedding gift money. It was huge relief to watch that number fall down and start our marriage off a little closer to being able to pay it all off.” -Bonnie R., 31

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Arcade Games

“When my husband and I started dating, we'd head to the arcade at least once a month for a date night. When we were planning our registry, we thought that instead of asking for practical items, we would ask for arcade games so that we could build a mini arcade in our basement. We put a Pac-Man machine, an air hockey table, and an electronic basketball arcade game on the registry. We were gifted all three!” -Troyanna F., 28