Inside Mandy Moore's Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Inside Mandy Moore's Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

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This Is Us actress Mandy Moore, whose engagement party gave us serious FOMO, just crossed another major milestone off her pre-wedding checklist-the bachelorette.

Moore, who is engaged to musician Taylor Goldsmith, revealed on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Monday that she and her girls headed to New Orleans to commemorate her last fling before the ring. Speaking to Degeneres, the star spilled the details on the celebration.

"I mean, we called it just a girls trip, but my friends were lovely to take off on a Wednesday to go to New Orleans with me," Moore said.

But despite the relatively wild reputation of the city, the event seemed fairly low-key overall. "We're pretty tame," the 34-year-old admitted. "You know New Orleans people go and get pretty rowdy, but I think we were in bed by 10 o'clock every night. We had a glass of wine and we're like, 'We're good. We're good.' "

Moore also cited plenty of viable reasons for selecting her bachelorette party locale, even with her fairly calm agenda. "It's the best," she gushed of New Orleans. "The food, the culture, the architecture. We went on a ghost tour. We saw some jazz. We did all of it."

She also shared snippets of the trip on her Instagram account in late October. "Eternally grateful for the greatest girlfriends who are equal parts spontaneous and generous," she captioned the post, which features four group shots. "They're always game for an adventure and manage to prioritize our friendships in the face of the busy lives we all lead (like going on a trip in the middle of week cause why not??) Nola- thanks for hosting us. We came, we saw, we ate all the food. Can't wait for more with these 💎s."

With the future bride's bachelorette out of the way, fingers crossed this means Moore and Goldsmith could be headed down the aisle soon. The actress previously confessed that she wants an intimate wedding and that she has her eye on a nontraditional wedding dress.

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Ever the modern love story, Moore met her fiancГ© via Instagram. The pair dated for two years prior to their engagement in September 2017.


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