This Groom Saved A Drowning Teen In The Middle of Taking Wedding Photos

This Groom Saved A Drowning Teen In The Middle of Taking Wedding Photos

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Your wedding day will already be one for the books, but imagine becoming a husband and a local hero all in one day. While taking pictures on the beach after his wedding ceremony, this Alabama groom ran out into the Gulf of Mexico to save a drowning swimmer.

"A lady had come up to us and said that guy is out there struggling,” Cindy Edwards, the new bride, told local Fox affiliate WALA. “He can't get back, he's having a hard time."

She sent her new spouse Zac Edwards, a former lifeguard and a coast guardsman, out to save the drowning high school student. "She said don't worry about your pants, just go. See you've got to listen to your wife because otherwise, you're in trouble," said Zac.

The bride mentioned how scary a situation like this can be-not to mention stressful on top of the wedding which they planned in just one week-and how often it happens in their area. "It's scary," Cindy said. “You don't wanna lose a loved one, unfortunately, living here, we hear about it way too often. Just be mindful of those flags and knowing to be cautious."

Luckily, first responders showed up to rescue both of the men. For Zac, thinking about Cindy kept him strong. "It beat us up pretty hard getting in and we pulled up on the beach everybody grabs him,” he said. “I got up and she's running out in her wedding dress. I'm bleeding from the nose and trying to tell her get away because I know how important that dress was and I didn't want to ruin that."

From the look of their wedding photos, the wedding dress was spared after all. Cindy posted a photo on Facebook with her “hero and hubby” after he was done saving the day. “A hero and my hubby all in one day!” she wrote in the post. “Yes you get to wear board shorts at your wedding reception after saving someone from a rip current in the middle of taking our wedding photos.” Fair enough.

Although, their big day derailed for a little bit, the Edwards don't seem phased. "It's a story to tell. I told her. The grandkids are going to have a story to tell,” Zac said. “It was a perfect day. Beautiful wedding."

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According to WALA, the couple spoke to the family of the young man from Mississippi, who is a little sore, but back to work and starting his senior year.


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