How to Make Your Introverted Bridesmaids Feel Comfortable

How to Make Your Introverted Bridesmaids Feel Comfortable

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One of the best parts of having a bridal party is that you have a group of your closest friends by your side through all of the wedding craziness. But undoubtedly, your squad of bridesmaids is made up of different types of people, with different personalities. So, you might want to take a step back and see how you can make each and every one of your bridesmaids feel comfortable as one of your go-to gal pals before the wedding and on your big day.

If you have introverted bridesmaids, it's important to know that as much as they are excited to be part of the bridal party, sometimes they might need to squeeze in some solo time too. So instead of assigning them a to-do list of tasks that might not fit their personality, take these six steps to make your introverted bridesmaids feel comfortable as part of a group.

Ask What They'd Love to Help With

It might be easy to mistake your introverted bridesmaid as a person who doesn't have any interest in getting involved or hands on with your wedding. But that might not be true. They might just not know how to ask or even know who to turn to when they have an idea of how they can help. Have a conversation with them about what kinds of things they'd love to help with or make a suggestion or two if you know there's a hobby they have that would translate well into your wedding.

Introduce Them to Your Bridal Party

Your introverted bridesmaids might be looking for you to do some of the dirty work when it comes to making them feel included and welcomed into the bridal party, especially if they don't know the other members well. Do what you can to make introductions so that your bridesmaids become friends with one another and can chat online or via text before meeting in person. That way, it's less awkward for them to make a fast connection in person.

Start Conversations for Them

When it comes time for the parties, whether it's the bridal shower, engagement party, or bachelorette weekend, do what you can to pull your more introverted bridesmaids into the conversation. If you see they are keeping more to themselves, spend time with them and connect them with another friend or member of the bridal party that may share similar interests so that they can hang out during the more social events.

Give Them Something to Take Charge Of

One of the best ways to make your introverted bridesmaid feel like they are part of the bridal party is to give them a task that they can take charge of and take the lead on. Perhaps this is a solo task or something that they can do and then share with the other bridesmaids for suggestions. Ask the bridesmaid what they'd feel most comfortable taking the lead on, whether that's researching bachelorette party destinations or coming up with a playlist for the DJ to put on during cocktail hour.

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Give Them an Out

A lot of introverts like to spend time alone. Tell your bridesmaids that they don't have to come to all pre-wedding events and if they do decide to come to the bachelorette party, they don't have to do every single one of the activities with the group if they don't want to. Give them an out, so if they are feeling overwhelmed and need some solo time, they can take it.

Let Them Know You Value Their Friendship

Weddings can be a lot for a person who is a bit introverted and along the way they may feel left out or even unsure if they are doing their best as your bridesmaid. Be sure to show your appreciation to them by letting them know that it means a lot how much they are there for you during the wedding process and all that they have done to help along the way.


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