"Dancing With The Stars" Pros Emma Slater and Sasha Farber Already Know When They Want Kids

"Dancing With The Stars" Pros Emma Slater and Sasha Farber Already Know When They Want Kids

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Emma Slater and Sasha Farber are taking a break from all that dancing to start planning a family.

The "Dancing With The Stars" pros, who got married in 2018, opened up to Entertainment Tonight a few months after the wedding and shared all their newlywed news.

"We're the perfect team because he's the getting dirty one. Sasha's definitely the handiest, he's the project manager," Slater, 30, said in the interview. "He's really good at that. I'm honestly pretty terrible. I just like all the design aspect-he's the one that gets it done."

Though the two have been giving their home a reboot, their personal lives have pretty much stayed the same since they tied the knot. Farber, 35, gushed about his wife, saying "The second I saw her I fell in love with her and I love her more every day."

Slater added, "I think that so far we've learned… just being grateful for each other every day, just appreciating what the other one does. And that it's different from ourselves and we bring something different to the table. If you always wake up and you are grateful and respect your partner, I think that is a big thing."

The two love each other so much, in fact, that they are hoping to expand their family soon.

"I think kids is going to be soon, hopefully," Slater said, adding that Farber would "be a dad right now" if he could. She hinted at a potential timeline, saying the two are planning to get pregnant sometime next year. "I love kids. I am a twin myself. I would love twins. I think that would be the best present ever."

But for now, the two are perfectly content with their fur baby, a rescue dog named Ruby.


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