Stemspeak: A Victorian Vocabulary

Stemspeak: A Victorian Vocabulary

The oh-so-reserved Victorians signaled their romantic feelings through flowers and other symbols. Incorporate their hidden language of love into your own arrangements with these terms:

Amaryllis: splendid beauty, pride

Anemone: anticipation

Bluebell: constancy

Camellia: perfect loveliness, excellence

Carnation: pure and deep love

Dahlia: forever thine

Forget-me-not: true love

Gardenia: "You are lovely"

Hibiscus: true beauty

Hollyhock: consumed by love

Honeysuckle: bonds of love

Jasmine: grace, joy, attachment

Morning glory: affection

Orange blossoms: bridal festivities

Pansy: "You occupy my thoughts"

Peach blossom: "I am your captive"

Phlox: "Our souls are united"

Red tulip: declaration of love

Rose (full-blown): "You are beautiful"

Rose (tea): always lovely

Spring crocus: youthful gladness

Sunflower (dwarf): adoration

Sweet alyssum: worth beyond beauty

Sweet William: gallantry

Tulip (variegated): beautiful eyes

Violet: faithfulness

Water lily: purity of heat

Yellow lily: walking on air