15 Gorgeous Ideas for Using String Lights Throughout Your Wedding

15 Gorgeous Ideas for Using String Lights Throughout Your Wedding

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Good wedding lighting is right up there with flowers, food, and atmosphere when it comes to all things that can help set the mood of your wedding day. While you can illuminate your celebration with everything from romantic candles to modern Edison bulbs, one of the most popular wedding lighting options is twinkle string lights. Couples love this look for its whimsical, fairy-tale vibes-and you probably will too! Here are 15 ways to use string lights in your wedding.

Whether you call them fairy lights, twinkle lights, or just plain string lights, there is no denying that they are a magical addition to any celebration. Using string lights at your wedding will ensure that your setting truly sparkles, and there are a ton of different ways to incorporate them into your big day. If you're hosting an outdoor wedding, have fairy lights cascading overhead to give off a romantic vibe. For a wintry wedding, try wrapping bare trees in glowing coils of twinkle lights to set the stage for your frozen wonderland. You can even fill lanterns with nests of tiny bulbs for an unexpected way to feature string lights in your wedding. Needless to say, the options are endless when it comes to taking your lighting to the next level.

Ready to make your wedding photos shine? Behold 15 inspirational pics featuring string lights in weddings, below.

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Photo by Alen Karupovic

There can never be too many lights at an outdoor twilight affair, and this alfresco setting has double the illumination thanks to dazzling string lights and a table set with candles.

Photo by Pablo Laguia; Planning and Design by Paloma Cruz Eventos

More is more when it comes to a glistening canopy over a linear head table that's outfitted with a trail of greens and votives.

Photo by Ali & Paul Co.

For extra character in a bare-bones reception space, rows of LED ropes, drippy wax candles, leafy wreaths, and layers of lights will definitely do the trick.

Courtesy of Larissa Cleveland Photography

Lanterns with pillar candles and lit-up coils can serve as a unique (and handy) way to make the walk to the reception more visible.

Photo by Emily Wren Photography

These newlyweds said their I do's beneath the most magical tree we've ever seen.

Photos by Ana & Jerome

This Cabo San Lucas destination wedding was all aglow, thanks to never-ending yards of lights.

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

Strings of fairy lights dangle from the ceiling of this ceremony, transforming the space into a whimsical wonderland.

Photo by Jennings King

At this romantic Charleston wedding, the reception was held inside a clear tent outfitted with sparkling strings of lights.

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

A combo of twinkle lights and showstopping flameless sparklers will have your guests convinced that they're dancing under the stars.

Photo by Kristen Curette, Daemaine Hines

For the ultimate in tropical decor, the palm trees at this wedding venue were wrapped in string lights for the festivities.

Photo by J. Messer Photography

Light up the night with a glowing altar and tea lights floating in hurricane vases along the aisle.

Photo by Molly Peach

The addition of draping fabric, as seen at the wedding of blogger Chloe Wen, can soften the look of string lights.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

With seemingly thousands of string lights adorning this clear wedding tent, the space was transformed into an enchanting nighttime scene.

Photo by Shane Shepherd

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl used fairy lights along the wooden rafters of her reception space to create the look of a starry sky.

Photo by Brinton Studios

Twinkling aspen trees set the scene for a mountaintop celebration in the Rockies.


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