TBT: Reliving Each NSYNC Wedding, from Justin Timberlake to Joey Fatone, in Photos

TBT: Reliving Each NSYNC Wedding, from Justin Timberlake to Joey Fatone, in Photos

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Is there one amongst us who never scribbled "Mrs. Timberlake," or "Mrs. Chasez" on a notebook? Sure, we all grew up dreaming to one day hear "God must have spent a little more time on you," from Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, or Chris Kirkpatrick. But the guys had to move on, and tear up our hearts by marrying other girls, shocking, we know! Starting with Joey Fatone in 2004, the NSYNC members have made opulent wedding watching a sport - with each NSYNC wedding growing in extravagance. So, throw on your "Dirty Pop," or "No Strings Attached," we're taking it back to the early 2000's and reliving each NSYNC wedding!

Joey Fatone, 2004

The first of our favorite boy banders to say "bye, bye, bye" to bachelor-hood, Joey Fatone married high school sweetheart Kelly Baldwin on September 9, 2004 at Oheka Castle in Long Island.

The couple's daughter, Briana, played an important part in their big day, walking down the aisle ahead of her mom as flower girl. The couple then said their own vows. Joey teared his way through his four pages of hand-written vows, alternating between sobs and "woos!" as he told his new wife "I've always wanted a family, now I have one." Tear.

Joey and Briana celebrated with 250 of their nearest and dearest, including fellow NSYNC-ers Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick, Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Siegler, and Joey's My Big Fat Greek Wedding co-star Nia Vardalos.

The duo spared no expense, ordering exact replicas of the bride's dress and the groom's tux for their wedding cakes. A carnival (complete with bumper cars, ferris wheel and clowns), and a performance by Smash Mouth, capped off the extravagant affair. Sadly no renditions of "It's Gonna be Me!" were performed.

The guest book? A guitar from Joey's personal collection signed by all in attendance.

Sadly, Joey and Kelly reportedly split in 2013.

NSYNC members in attendance: ALL of them!

Justin Timberlake, 2012

Justin Timberlake broke all of our hearts by finally saying "Til the day my life is through, this I promise you," to Jessica Biel in 2012 (sorry Brit Brit fans).

Around 100 guests were invited to spend the week with Biel and Timberlake in Puglia, Italy to celebrate their wedding on October 19, 2012. The star heavy crowd gathered at the Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia for a private over-the-top event! The white-stoned, castle-like Borgo Egnazia offered the couple, and their celebrity guests, the utmost privacy. The 63-room, 28-villa luxury hotel feels like a mini-village, and was tight on security, so guests didn't have to be nervous about the paparazzi.

On the big day, Jessica wowed everyone by foregoing tradition and opting out of wearing white on her wedding day (we love a non-conformist bride!). The future Mrs. Timberlake walked down the aisle in a jaw-dropping, floating-on-air custom, petal pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture wedding gown. The veil, also created by Giambattista Valli, was encrusted with Biel's heirloom pearls, and Valli outfitted the entire wedding party (including the bride and groom's moms) in his gorgeous creations. Meanwhile, the groom wore a custom Tom Ford tux, that he helped design. Timberlake's groomsmen, the bride and groom's fathers, and the page boy, also wore Tom Ford.

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As Biel walked down the aisle in her stunning pink dress she was serenaded by non other than, you guessed it, her ex-boy bander husband! "It was an original piece I wrote specifically for the evening and for her," Timberlake told People.

The star-studded guest list at the week-long celebration read like a who's who of young Hollywood - Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Timbaland, and Beverley Mitchell just to name a few (though some were suspiciously absent, see below). "It was a really special evening," Justin told People.

NSYNC members in attendance: Zero. Yeah, we weren't happy with that either. "I wasn't invited to the wedding and from what I know it's because he didn't want all of us there," Chris told an Orlando radio show at the time. "It would be a reunion rather than a wedding. It was her day. She's amazing so he wanted to make sure it was about her."

Chris Kirkpatrick, 2013

Chris Kirkpatrick told longtime love Karly Skladany,"You're all I ever wanted," on November 2, 2013, in Orlando.

"It was family and friends: people I've known forever and people I met last year," Kirkpatrick told People. Those 300 friends and family were escorted to their seats at the outdoor ceremony by a group of 4 ushers in matching black tuxes, maybe you'll recognize them: Justin Timberlake (with date Jessica Biel), JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone. "We were getting ready together in the bathroom, and we laughed that the bathroom was bigger than some of our dressing rooms. We joked and laughed a lot; it really was like how things used to be. They're like family."

The Italian-themed celebration had guests dining on teriyaki glazed beef medallions, shrimp scampi with roasted asparagus, and whipped potatoes. A 7-tier cake and a devil's food groom's cake with Voltron cartoons, capped off the evening.

Before heading off on a Hawaiian honeymoon, the groom couldn't help but gush over what seemed like a pretty fantastic fete.

NSYNC Members Present: We counted 5 - yes that's all of them!

Lance Bass, 2014

Lance Bass said "It's Gonna be You!" to Michael Turchin on December 20, 2014, after not one, but two proposals! Lance gave BRIDES the inside scoop on planning his over-the-top wedding, but told us there were no groomzillas in sight. "We've chosen colors like dark reds and purples with pops of lime green - it's going to be very opulent and royal," he told us ahead of the gorgeous star studded nuptials.

Lance's 15-minute ceremony at the Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Los Angeles was officiated by the couple's close friends Jamie-Lynn Sigler and JoAnna Garcia Swisher. And the star power didn't stop there. Lance admitted ahead of the wedding that they had to cut their 700 person guest list down to only 350 (only!). Those 350 guests included Kris Jenner, Cheryl Burke, Carmen Electra, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Lisa Vanderpump, Backstreet Boys member A.J. McLean, and fellow NSYNC band mates Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez

The couple even set a dress code for their gorgeous holiday wedding: "Since we're planning this over-the-top party, we felt like a dress code would be a fun way to bring the event to the next level - but in the best way possible. We've asked everyone to come dressed for a royal wedding meets the Met Ball, so I'm expecting some crazy high fashion. I want our guests to look back at photos from our wedding and think, "That's the best I've ever looked in my entire life."

Of course the music had to be out of this world, so Lance and Michael were serenaded by none other than JC Chasez and Broadway powerhouse Kristen Chenoweth for their first dance.

Lance and Michael's landmark 90-minute E! special, "Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding", made history for featuring the first same sex wedding on an American television network.

NSYNC Members Present: 4. "All the guys, except for Justin, will be at the wedding. Unfortunately, Justin is on tour so he's not able to attend," Bass told us ahead of the nuptials.

What About JC?

As for JC Chasez, well, ladies, there's still a chance. Though rumors swirled the former boy bander got secretly hitched last year, rest easy, it's not true.