30 Best Sex Positions of All Time

30 Best Sex Positions of All Time

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Mutual masturbation

Tanya DeSelm

Getting yourself off with your partner is hot and let's take a minute to appreciate how easy masturbation is. It's totally fine to snatch your vibrator and lie back. Have your partner lie next to you. Position yourselves so you have a nice view of your, um, nether bits.

Up the hotness by adding in a little role play, dirty talk, or even porn. Describe a dirty scene that you imagine when you're getting yourself off alone. If you want to watch porn, throw on a video you both enjoy. Mutual masturbation keeps the intimacy alive and allows a sense of closeness without intercourse.

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Over the shoulder G-spot holder

Tanya DeSelm

Lie on your back. Have your partner kneel in front of you. Place your ankles and then knees over his or her shoulders. He or she should be able to easily pick you up to trust if you use your legs for balance. This position allows for intense, deep penetration. It might even smack up against that G-spot.

Warning: This is not a position if you have back problems or are not particularly flexible.

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Doggy style

Tanya DeSelm

Get on all fours and have your partner enter you from behind. Instead of putting your knees outside of his, press yours together. His legs should be on either side of yours. This slight change creates a fantastic, tight fit for both of you. Plus, he has more room to thrust and spank you (if you're into spanking. No position goes quite as cervix-bending deep as doggy style, and we are here for it.

If you like when your partner takes control, this is the position for you. Doggy style has this whole “dirty, nasty” thing about it that makes it totally hot.

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Oral sex

Tanya DeSelm

Lie back, spread your legs and let your partner go to town on your clitoris. Try different motions, rhythms, and patterns. See what works for you. They can even use their tongue or fingers to tease the opening of the vagina. Communicate and relax.

Another great trick? Try penetration with a stainless steel G-spot wand. Simply place it all the way inside the vagina and have your partner go down on you. It will blow your mind.

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Handy prostate play

Tanya DeSelm

We have got to stop ignoring the prostate. If your partner is willing to experiment with a butt plug, jump at the opportunity. You just pop it in and can then have sex. His orgasms will change forever.

If you're missing out on prostate orgasms, that is a shame. The prostate equivalent to the G-spot and is located near the urethra and public bone; again close to the opening.

Lube up a small butt plug. We suggest using a silicone lube. Be sure your partner is relaxed. You can try a butt plug, as well! The anus is a vastly nerve-rich area.

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Classic spoon

Tanya DeSelm

You cannot go wrong with a spoon. We love an excuse to utilize this delightful, lazy sex position. Have your partner spoon you from behind and enter you. Relax with one arm behind your head for support.

Get in on that clitoral action, girl. Grab your favorite wand vibrator and slip it between your legs. You'll be able to rock against the wand while simultaneously enjoying penetration by your partner.

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Lifted anal spoon

Tanya DeSelm

Relax and breathe into your body. Do not even try anal stuff without reading and complete our beginners manual.

Place a pillow or two under your hips for support. When and if you're prepared for anal sex, lower yourself onto your partner's penis or dildo. Back into it, as if you're in the spoon position. Be sure to use lots and lots of lube. Move at your own pace to be comfortable. The bottom is the person in charge.

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Tanya DeSelm

The Lotus is kind of the mac daddy of female orgasmic positions. It gets you up close and personal to your partner for passionate kissing, nipple sucking, and you're directly aligned with partner's pubic bone for clitoral stimulation.

Have your partner sit on the bed or couch and straddle him or her, face-to-face. Rock back and forth with them inside you. You can make out or put your breasts in his or her face.

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Sideways 69

Tanya DeSelm

This is a take on your classic 69, only it will produce orgasms instead of general annoyance. Instead of climbing on top of your partner (or visa versa) a la, face-sitting, give each other oral sex on your side. Lift your leg slightly so as not to smother your partner.

This is an easy position for when you're horny, but want to keep it low-key.

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Open Legged Spoon

Tanya DeSelm

This position is perfect if you're looking for laziness and easy clitoral stimulation. Lie back and focus on your body during this sex position. It's an opportunity to enjoy the feeling of your partner inside you while getting yourself off with your hands or a toy.

Lie on your back and your partner lie on his or her side. Have them enter you at this perpendicular angle. Open your knees and drape them over your partner's side. You will definitely want to make this position part of the regular sex routine once you try it.

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Woman superior

Tanya DeSelm

The woman superior position (aka: cowgirl) is not for everyone, but it sure does work for many. Have your partner lie on the bed and mount him or her. Rock back and forth for clitoral stimulation. If your partner wants you to bounce up and down (as many a penis owner does), have him lift you up and down. This way you won't get worn out, but still have all the control of being on top.

For more intimacy, lean in and place an elbow on either side of your partner's head. This adjustment gives you plenty of make-out room, and some extra support from your arms.

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Anal lean-back

Tanya DeSelm

Have your partner lie on his or her back. Be sure you are relaxed and that you anal opening and their penis or dildo are very well-lubed.

Turn around and mount your partner. Lean back onto their member, slowly sliding down. This is essentially reverse cowgirl, only for anal sex. Move up and down at your own pace. Be cautious.

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Tanya DeSelm

All hail missionary. This position never gets enough credit and it truly is amazing. Call it boring if you want, but it's fantastic for penetration and skin-on-skin closeness. And you don't even have to do much in the way of effort!

Lie on your back, spread your legs and have your partner enter you on top. Communicate whether you'd like them to move fast or slow. Maybe a combination of both? If you want to make it even hotter, bring a sex toy into the mix. We have a whole guide for beginners right here.

For clitoral stimulation, try the coital alignment technique. Place a pillow or two under your butt to lift your hips at an angle. This way you can grind your clitoris against your partner's pubic bone.

Use your arms to pull their hips toward and away from you for better control (and some G-spot action). For tighter thrusts, bring your knees right against your partner's side.

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Standing oral

Tanya DeSelm

Have your partner kneel in front of you and go down on you. Lean against a wall for support. If you can comfortably place a foot on your partner's knee, definitely go for it. This will allow for better access to your clitoris. Don't be afraid to grab a sex toy.

This position will make you feel like a true sex goddess. There is nothing hotter than being serviced while your partner is on his or her knees.

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Woman on woman spoon

Tanya DeSelm

Lie on your side and have your partner spoon your from behind (or vice versa). Have them use their fingers to enter you from behind. They should easily be able to stroke your G-spot in this position. Feel free to use a hand on your clitoris as well. The more stimulation, the better.

This position is definitely a woman-on-woman favorite, but can apply to heterosexual couples as well.

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Seated reverse cowgirl

Tanya DeSelm

Cowgirl is sexy, but exhausting. The reverse seated position takes all of the quad pain out of this position and adds in some very sensual, skin-on-skin contact with your partner.

Have your partner sit up and lower yourself onto his or her member (or strap on) backwards. He or she can wrap his or her arms around you, like a backward hug. Rock in a rhythmic motion for intimacy and closeness.

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Face sitting

Tanya DeSelm

Have your partner lie on the bed. Straddle his or her face. Don't literally “sit” on it. This will suffocate your partner and no one wants that, right? Instead, balance on your knees and let them have access to your vulva from below. You can lean your hands against the wall for support.

The power and control that comes with face sitting is quite intense. Women are rarely taught to prioritize our own pleasure or to be in a dominant position over a sexual partner. This kind of sexual play can be erotic, overwhelming, and orgasmic as hell.

Want to make it even hotter? Rock against your partner's face, essentially guiding them like a plaything. Pull their hair. Lean into your power.

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Standing wrap

Tanya DeSelm

Sit on the edge of the couch or bed with your partner standing in front of you. Have him or her enter you, facing you. Wrap your legs around them for deep, passionate sex.

It gives you that deep penetration you crave and a lot of clitoral stimulation. Rock against your partner or use your hands to move them in and out of you at your own pace. This is a great time to bring in some dirty talk.

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Halfway missionary

Tanya DeSelm

Missionary is certainly an easy go-to, but why not change it up a little bit? A little spice in your life is fun. Try halfway missionary for shallow penetration. This will tease the opening of the vagina and drive you totally crazy. We promise.

Lie on your back with one leg straight on the bed. Place the other on your partner's shoulder. Have him or her enter you from below, using your raised leg for leverage. We're not totally sure how long you'll last when you play yourself this way, but we're willing to take bets.

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Sit to stand

Tanya DeSelm

Lie on the bed, with your butt on the very edge of the mattress. Have your partner stand next to the bed. Rest your legs on his or her shoulders, straight above you. Have them enter you. This position makes it super easy for either you or your partner to stimulate the clitoris during sex.

You can set the pace of the thrusts. This is an awesome position for both intense, hard sex-or slow sensual sex. Your move.

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Flat doggy style

Tanya DeSelm

Lie on the bed, on your stomach, face down. If this isn't comfortable, you can rest your chin on your hands. Have your partner stand behind you and enter you from behind.

This gives you intense penetration and your partner total control. It is incredibly erotic. If you're feeling extra frisky, have your partner pull your hair, too.

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Classic blow job

Tanya DeSelm

You don't have to deep throat to give good head. Use your mouth to focus on the head of the penis and your hand can do the rest, in tandem with your lips. Lick it, suck it, and have fun with it. Eye contact during a blow job can be a huge turn on.

There is nothing quite as lovely as giving your partner a blow job. Not everyone is into the whole sucking penis thing, but it's something you can really get into. When you're giving your partner pleasure, it can bring you pleasure. There is a feeling of power you can revel in. You're in control of their orgasm. As Samantha Jones says, “You may be on your knees, but you've still got him by the balls.”

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One legged kickstand

Tanya DeSelm

Standing sex is a challenge, but anything is doable if you believe. While standing, have your partner hold one of your legs up and enter you astride. This position lets you keep your balance during shallow penetration, and doesn't put your entire weight onto your partner. You can wrap the leg around their waist, if it's easier.

If you and your partner are the same height, that's awesome, but it rarely happens. To make up for height difference, utilize any steady ledges you have at your disposal. A staircase, a kitchen island, a bed-frame; anything can work. Be sure your back is against the wall.

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The little ball

Tanya DeSelm

This tantric sex position is also known as, The Method of Great Bee. We admit this is less sexy than “the little ball,” no?

This position allows for deep penetration and keeps you in control over rhythm. Climb onto your partner in the classic woman superior position. Then, pull your knees to either side of your body, like you're sitting in a low squat. You can even hold into your knees if it's easier. Rock back and forth. If you need extra support, ask your partner to balance you. Make some eye contact. This position is seriously intimate.

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Standing doggy style

Tanya DeSelm

Bend over and have your partner enter you from behind while standing. You don't need to bend in half. Lie over the side of the bed, a chair, or the couch. Stand on something if you have a big height difference.

This position allows for deep penetration and an opportunity for a reach around by your partner to give you some clitoral action.

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The gracious lean

Tanya DeSelm

For same-sex couples, changing up oral sex is a must. Of course, this applies to all couples, but still.

Have your partner lie on her back, propping herself up on elbows to tilt her pelvis forward. Lean in on your hands and knees to go down on her. You can easily integrate toys into the mix without taking a break. Grab a vibrating G-spot wand and insert it into her vagina, tilting it upward toward her belly-button.

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Legs over shoulders

Tanya DeSelm

Lie on your back and lift your legs. Place them over your partner's shoulders. Have him or her enter you. Bring your knees as close your body as you can. This position is certainly for the more bendy among us, but it offers deep thrusting and G-spot action.

Reach between your legs to press your fingers against your clitoris. Your partner weight will do most of the work. If you're especially acrobatic, have your partner lean in to kiss you. Bite his or her lip.

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The flat cat

Tanya DeSelm

The flat cat is like missionary, only more intimate. Instead of having your partner thrust away between your legs, have him or her lean in, lying almost flat against you.

Rock together slowly. Find your flow. This isn't meant to be a quick and dirty way to an orgasm, but a more romantic sex position. Have him or her hold your face to passionately kiss and play with your hair.

This position will give your partner's pubic bone a one-stop ticket to your clitoris. If this position just right, the penis can even hook up to the G-spot.

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Reverse cowgirl

Tanya DeSelm

Have your partner lie flat and mount them, backwards. Slide onto their penis or dildo slowly. You get to control the pace in this position. You are, quite literally, a reversed cowgirl.

Lean your head all the way back to make eye-contact with your partner. If you have long hair, the feeling of it brushing against their chest and stomach is a unique and sexy sensation. Either way, you know your butt looks amazing from this angle.

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The sideways slice

Tanya DeSelm

Lie on your side, one leg flat and one lifted. Have your partner enter you on your knees. It's kind of a scissor-like position with your legs.

For head support, grab an extra pillow. Your partner can use your legs as support to thrust deeply while you reach down to access your clitoris. You get all the penetration of positions like doggy style, while maintaining eye-contact. This is a super sexy way to get raunchy, but also feel close to one another.


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