7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

7 Elegant Ways to Display Flowers in a Cloche For Your Wedding

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Cloche-Covered Florals

Luna de Mare

This muted, cloche-covered arrangement looks utterly romantic and will bring an indoor-garden feel to your reception tables.

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Escort-Card Table Decor

Joy Proctor

Delicate hellebore blossoms are displayed in glass bell jars and placed on an escort-card table.

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Escort-Card Table

Kristina Adams

Create an eye-catching escort-card display by filling glass cloches with stems of carnations in different shades of pink and red; display the domes on grey risers for a modern look. Tie a matching ribbon to the individual escort cards to tie everything together.

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Escort-Card Table Arrangements

For the Love of It

Guests found their names and seating assignments on a table adorned with these cloches featuring Japanese ikebana-inspired floral arrangements.

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Glass Dome and Wooden Base

Melissa Schollaert

For a striking yet simple, display a small centerpiece of fresh blooms beneath a glass done; use a wood slice as a base to add a rustic touch to the lace-covered dinner tables.

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Mix-and-Match Arrangements

Ryan Ray

For a bright, cheery look, display a single showy stem inside a glass cloche alongside a bud vase containing a cluster of coordinating blooms.

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Dahlias in a Dome

Ryan Ray

Proof that sometimes the simplest looks are the most striking: a trio of bright-pink dahlias placed beneath a cloche on a simple, crisp-white plate.


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