54 Engagement Rings With Colored Stones

54 Engagement Rings With Colored Stones

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Fancy Light Blue and Pink Radiant-Cut Ring

Courtesy of Mark Broumand

SHOP NOW: Mark Broumand, $37,995

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Engraved Cushion Cut Ring

Courtesy of Adel Chefridi

SHOP NOW: Adel Chefridi, $6,640

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"Juliet" Round-Cut Ruby Ring

Courtesy of Gemvara

SHOP NOW: Gemvara, $8,820

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"Saturn" 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Mint Tourmaline Center Stone

Courtesy of Erica Courtney

SHOP NOW: Erica Courtney, price upon request

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Floating Pink Sapphire PavГ© Ring

Courtesy of Kat Kim

SHOP NOW: Kat Kim, $4,430

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Yellow Aura Cushion-Cut Ring

Courtesy of De Beers

SHOP NOW: De Beers, $8,000

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Oval Brilliant-Cut Pink Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Monique PГ©an

SHOP NOW: Monique PГ©an, price upon request

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Courtesy of Allurez

*Oval-Cut Blue Sapphire and Halo Diamond Engagement Ring SHOP NOW: Allurez, $2,500

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Pear Rosette Ring With a Champagne Diamond and Rose Gold Band

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $6,500

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"The Mermaid Ring" Green Tourmaline Emerald-Cut Ring

Courtesy of Jane Taylor

SHOP NOW: Jane Taylor, $30,955

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Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Courtesy of Blue Nile

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $1,175

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"Fortuna" Aquamarine Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, $3,900

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"The XX Ring" 18K Blackened White Gold Ring with Inverted Grey Diamond PavГ© Stones

Courtesy of Eva Fehren

SHOP NOW: Eva Fehren, price upon request

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Cushion-Cut Orange Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Martin Katz

SHOP NOW: Martin Katz, price upon request

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"Kristin Kylie" Sapphire Band in Rose Gold

Courtesy of Dana Rebecca Designs

SHOP NOW: Dana Rebecca Designs, $2,310

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Diamond Pear and Emerald Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

SHOP NOW: Jemma Wynne, price upon request

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Courtesy of Kwiat

*Oval-Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring SHOP NOW: Kwiat, price upon request

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Blue-Green Sapphire and Diamond Ring with 14K Two-Tone Band

Courtesy of Shane Co.

SHOP NOW: Shane Co., $925

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"Samantha" Emerald Ring in 14K White Gold

Courtesy of Gemvara

SHOP NOW: Gemvara, $4,160

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Square Garnet Deco Ring

Courtesy of Jennie Kwon Designs

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon Designs, $1,055

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Cognac Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Rebecca Overmann

SHOP NOW: Rebecca Overmann available at Greenwich St. Jewelers, $5,000

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Solitaire Emerald Ring with18K White Gold and Black Rhodium

Courtesy of Jack Vartanian

SHOP NOW: Jack Vartanian, price upon request

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"Hydra" Stone Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Mociun

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $3,300

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"Defne"Offset Marquise Ruby on a 14K Rose Gold Band

Courtesy of Selin Kent

SHOP NOW: Selin Kent, $690

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Round Amethyst Engagement Ring with Diamond Band in 14K White Gold

Courtesy of Ritani

SHOP NOW: Ritani, $1,585

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"Tiffany Legacy" Green Tourmaline Ring with Round-Cut Brilliant Diamonds

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $5,400

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Nestled Princess-Cut Light Blue Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Wwake

SHOP NOW: Wwake, $1,691

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Style J-5777, Yellow Cushion-Cut DiamondRring with Pink Accent Diamonds

Courtesy of Harry Kotlar

SHOP NOW: Harry Kotlar, price upon request

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"Talay" Wave Invi-Drop Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

SHOP NOW: Kavant & Sharart, $3,680

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"Le Magnifiche Creazioni" Ruby and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Bulgari

SHOP NOW: Bulgari, price upon request

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"Penelope" Pear-Cut Morganite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

SHOP NOW: Ken & Dana Design, $2,750

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East-West Oval Ring Featuring London Blue Topaz

Courtesy of Tacori

SHOP NOW: Tacori, $390

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"Ianthe" Textured Yellow Gold Ring with a Deep Blue-Green Tourmaline and Sapphires

Courtesy of Catbird

SHOP NOW: Polly Wales available at Catbird, $5,720

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"Serti sur Vide Module" White Gold Ring with Pink Pear Diamonds

Courtesy of Repossi

SHOP NOW: Repossi, price upon request

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Green Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Bayco

SHOP NOW: Bayco, price upon request

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"The Edwardian" Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Courtesy of The One I Love NYC

SHOP NOW: The One I Love NYC, $2,500

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Crown Bezel Moonstone Ring

Courtesy of Grace Lee

SHOP NOW: Grace Lee, $385

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"Charley" Ruby Set in 18K Oxidized Yellow Gold and Silver Mounting

Courtesy of Single Stone

SHOP NOW: Single Stone, $4,400

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"Volan" Yellow Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Yael Designs

SHOP NOW: Yael Designs, $21,384

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Andalusite Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, $1,950

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Cultured Akoya Pearl and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Zales

SHOP NOW: Vera Wang Love available at Zales, $849

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Sapphire Pear and Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Lori McLean Fine Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Lori McLean Fine Jewelry, $2,598

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"Central Park" Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring

Courtesy of Harry Winston

SHOP NOW: Harry Winston, price upon request

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14K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Cluster Diamond Cocktail Ring

Courtesy of Anne Sisteron

SHOP NOW: Anne Sisteron, $1,380

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"Madison" Yellow and White Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Forevermark

SHOP NOW: Forevermark, price upon request

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Diamond Teardrop Solitaire 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Gray Pear-Shaped Rose Cut Diamond

Courtesy of Lauren Wolf Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Lauren Wolf Jewelry, $3,000

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"Guilin" Octagon Ring with Garnet and Diamonds in 18K Gold

Courtesy of David Yurman

SHOP NOW: David Yurman, $1,500

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"Ottoline" 18K Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Walters Faith

SHOP NOW: Walters Faith, $5,850

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"My Green Ring" 18K Yellow Gold ring with Malachite, Tourmaline, and Diamonds

Courtesy of Chanel

SHOP NOW: Chanel, price upon request

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Electric Diamond Slice Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Azlee

SHOP NOW: Azlee, $4,110

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Emerald Art Deco Ring

Courtesy of Leo Ingwer

SHOP NOW: Leo Ingwer, price upon request

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Aquamarine and Blue Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Yi Collection

SHOP NOW: Yi Collection, $2,550

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Royal Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 10K Rose Gold

Courtesy of Helzberg Diamonds

SHOP NOW: Helzberg Diamonds, $599

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"Magic-Cut Ring" Green Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of John Hardy

SHOP NOW: John Hardy, $2,400


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