The 10 Honeymoon Photos Every Couple Should Take

The 10 Honeymoon Photos Every Couple Should Take

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1. Location, Location, Location

Courtesy of Gloria/Flytographer

A photo that showcases your chosen destination of course tops the must-take list. "Your #1 must-have honeymoon shot should show off you as a couple, as well as the location you have chosen," says Flytographer's Kelly. "If you two are adventurists, then go on a beautiful hike at sunset and get the last glow of the day. If your location has a colorful downtown scene with beautiful architecture, then grab your heels and the hand of your new husband and dance in the streets."

Gloria agrees, pointing out, "This has to be a photo you can only take at your honeymoon location and only at the time of year you travel there."

To get the best location shot, photographer Roberta suggests staking out a locale before the tourist crowds descend. "Try to explore the city where you are traveling at times when you can avoid the crowd. Sunrise could be an option. It is not really easy waking up early in the morning, but it's worth it!"

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2. A Sunset Shot

Courtesy of Tania/Flytographer

Yes, your Instagram feed is probably flooded with sunset photos-but they're popular for a reason! "I think one of the most romantic photos are those shots just before the sunset," says Flytographer's Tania. "Golden light, a tender glow, those last rays of sunshine lingering on the skin… that dense, warm light creates a very special romantic atmosphere," she says.

Her best tips for snagging the perfect sunset shot? "It's important to start the shoot 30 to 60 minutes before the sun sets down. The best photos are those made 20 minutes before the sunset and 10 minutes after."

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3. Where You Lead, I'll Follow

Courtesy of Lyndsay/Flytographer

A hand-in-hand walking shot is another gotta-take pic. "My number one photo is a walking shot with you and your loved one with the encompassing scenery around you," says Lyndsay. "It's a quick moment of the two of you walking through your journey of life together," she explains.

To get the perfect shot, Lyndsay instructs her clients to "walk slowly, hand in hand, making sure to catch each other's eyes and laughing at the ground a few times." As silly as it may feel to laugh at the ground, trust the expert-it's worth it!

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4. A Smooching Shot

Courtesy of Jimie/Flytographer

Of course, a shot of a sweet smooch between you and your spouse is a total must! Couple a kiss with a gorgeous backdrop-like this couple did in the Bali rice terraces-and get ready for all the Insta likes to roll in.

"When the couple kiss, you can see the love in them," explains photographer Jimie. For this particular shot, he suggests getting a little distance between yourself and the lens if possible. (It cuts down on any camera shyness!)

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5. Get Cozy

Courtesy of Dana/Flytographer

And while we're on the subject of PDA, don't forget to cuddle up! Flytographer's Dana says, "I think all couples, regardless of where they decide to spend their honeymoon, should have a super cozy, cuddly honeymoon photo or two."

"My best tip for getting that perfect shot? Relax, breathe, look into each other's eyes, and savor the moment," she urges. "Don't worry about how you think you should look in the moment. Just be."

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6. A Black and White Photo

Courtesy of Kimon/Flytographer

Of course you'll want to capture the blues of the ocean and rainbow hues of Cinque Terre, Italy, but you won't want to leave without capturing at least one black and white photo. "It's perfect to print big in your home, and it'll be timeless!" says Kimon, who captured this artsy shot in Santorini, Greece.

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7. A Playful Pose

Courtesy of Krystal/Flytographer

Sure, honeymoons are said to be all about romance, but don't forget to get a little silly. "My favorite shot is to capture the couple having a playful moment," says photographer Krystal of Paris. "I usually tell the man to pick her up and spin which creates a genuine expression of bliss and laughter on her face."

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8. I Think We're Alone Now

Courtesy of Nathalie/Flytographer

If you're jetting off to a popular location, it might be hard to keep hordes of tourists from photobombing your pics. But with the perfect angle, you can get an intimate photo of just you and your spouse. "A must-have photo is one where it seems like you're the only people in the whole area," says Nathalie. "Obviously, many areas that you may go to on your honeymoon may have other tourists there, so sometimes you just have to find the right angles to give the look that you are the only ones there. These photos give a feel as if you are the only ones existing in that moment and that you're so focused on one another during this special time of your life!"

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9. Just Relax

Courtesy of Barbara & Claudio/Flytographer

The wedding is over-time to relax! Be sure to capture some of that vacation relaxation on camera. According to photography duo Barbara and Claudio, a "nice and relaxed, 'real you,' shot" is an absolute must. "Since it's your honeymoon and you probably had official wedding photos taken, it's time for you to relax and do something less formal," they explain.

Photographers Kristy and Vic in Miami seem to agree. "Our #1 must-have honeymoon photo is a photo of the couple just being together. By this, we mean snuggling or being playful with each other, as naturally as possible. More than anything you want to remember the emotions in the photo and how you both felt being newlyweds."

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10. A Shot That Starts a Tradition

Courtesy of Fernanda/Flytographer

A unique photo idea you won't regret? Snapping a shot that you can replicate for years to come."The honeymoon usually means the end of the wedding. I think it is an excellent opportunity for the beginning of a new life," explains Fernanda of Cabo San Lucas. "Begin your own tradition-a silly pose, piggyback, running or jumping. Something that you can repeat in each place you visit on your next vacation."


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