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How to Get Your Feet Sandal Ready for Spring and Summer Weddings

How to Get Your Feet Sandal Ready for Spring and Summer Weddings

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The Game Changer

Courtesy of Tony Moly

We're sure you've heard of the cult classic Baby Foot, and this peel by Tony Moly is just as effective and just as grossly satisfying as the original-but at a cheaper price point. This is for those who really need a total foot refresh, as all the dead skin and calluses will slowly peel off and leave you with smooth, soft, sandal-ready feet.

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The Spa Refresh

Courtesy of Lush

If your feet are already in pretty decent shape and you want a treatment that's a little less intensive than a full-on peel, try this foot mask from Lush that we love. Called the Volcano mask because it contains pumice, it softens the skin on your feet, especially if you wrap your tootsies in plastic wrap to really lock in the moisture. When you wash it off, be sure to rub the mask into your feet to get a little scrubbing action in from the pumice.

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The In-Between Pedicures Tool

Courtesy of Diamancel

This polishing file is perfect for getting rid of pesky dead skin in between pedicures. It's also ideal for trips (a pre-honeymoon getaway, perhaps?), when you don't want to bring a lot of other foot products along. Plus, it's much more effective (and quicker) than your run-of-the-mill buffing stone-believe us, we tried them both and this one is definitely worth a little more of an investment! Keep this baby washed and it will last you much longer than a pumice stone.

$47 (SHOP NOW)

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Restore and Relax

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Been tromping around on those hooves enough that they're aching and cracked? Slather on some of this balm made with avocado (you already knew it was good for your skin) and peppermint (calming and smells so good) after a soak. Then slip on some thick, cozy socks before bed to continue the treatment while you sleep. Wake up with moisturized, replenished, ready-for-walkin' feet.

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For Stubborn Callouses

Courtesy of AmopГ©

Have a few callouses that won't go away, even with peeling masks? The AmopГ© Pedi Perfect is just the thing to smooth down those especially annoying spots-it takes a little more time than a regular foot file, but the electronic element takes some of the work out of it on your end. This version is for dry skin, but they have other versions for wet or dry.

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