10 Creative Ways to Decorate a White Wedding Cake

10 Creative Ways to Decorate a White Wedding Cake

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Draw Inspiration from Your Wedding Dress

Photo by Kaitlin Marie Photography

For a treat that's equal parts elegant and understated, Bree Meldrum of The Cake That Ate Paris took inspiration from her own wedding dress, with its hand-sewn pearls and crystal beads. “This was covered in edible sugar pearls and crystals for a wow factor that wasn't over the top.”

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Mix Modern and Romantic Details

Photo by Brandon Scott

“I used gold geometric elements for a modern feel,” says Toronto-based creator Bernadette Caleon-Escutin of Matamiese Cakes. “If you want to soften it up, add cream and blush-toned fresh flowers as accents that deliver a little romance.”

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Add Some Color

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Adding some vibrancy to a white cake isn't hard at all and can even be done last minute. Have your florist (or a friend!) buy some edible flowers in bright colors for a garden-fresh pop. Just make sure that the flowers are small in size so they don't overwhelm your cake.

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Get Tropical

Photo by Cari Courtright

For this take on a tropical theme, Negar Nadimi of Ma Petite Maison Cake Design let the event's florist take the lead: “Structural greenery makes a statement on its own; less is more when going for a minimal look,” explains Kaylia Fisher of Tumbleweed Floral Truck.

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Have Several One-Tiered Cakes

Photo by Christa Donald

Conflicted as to how to make your white wedding cake stand out? Why not have multiple one-tiered cakes (in different flavors!), all displayed on a dessert table? This is a good way to create a visual impact without having to have a huge, over-the-top cake.

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Go Classic

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

A white buttercream cake feels garden-wedding-ready when adorned with traditionally bridal blooms like white roses. Add some greenery like eucalyptus for a slightly more organic feel.

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Keep It Monochromatic

Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography; Cake by Cakeheads Bakery

If you want a subtle upgrade to the classic white wedding cake, add some white 3D elements (like sugar flowers or fondant trim) to the tiers to keep things interesting but still quiet.

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Add Pressed (Edible!) Flowers

Courtesy of Heather Kincaid

To achieve this bohemian rhapsody, Loria Stern of Lori Food and Cakes used edible pressed flowers-an easy way to add a unique spin to buttercream tiers. You can do it to your cake, too, with handpicked pressed blooms from the caterer's organic garden in Montecito, California ($40 for 20).

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Hand-Painted Details

Photo by Molly + Co Photography; Cake by Kimberly Bailey of The Butter End Cakery

Get inspired by a favorite swatch of fabric or wallpaper, and have your baker print or hand paint the fondant with the print for a fresh take on the classic white wedding cake.

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Try Non-Round Tiers

Photo by Kyle John

If you want something unconventional without over-the-top embellishments, consider uniquely shaped tiers like this square-shaped cake.


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