10 Ways to Use Marble in Your Wedding Decor

10 Ways to Use Marble in Your Wedding Decor

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The Table

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography; Flowers, Decor & Lighting Design by Oleander Curated

At this stunning real wedding in Philadelphia, the bride and groom asked their designer to create a marble table from scratch. In fact, they were inspired by their dining room table at home and recreated the look in a larger scale.

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The Treats

Photo by Emily Wren Photography

Ask your guests what they want as a favor, and they're sure to say, "Something to eat!" And, yes, you should listen to them, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative as well. Case in point: This couple incorporated their day's marble details by having a baker paint a similar design on top of a cookie.

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The Drinks

Photo by Jenna Henderson Photography

When you spend all that time creating the names of your signature cocktails, you better display them on something pretty! These mini marble tiles are perfect, especially when adorned with an accent of pretty pink velvet.

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The Invites

Photo by D'Arcy Benincosa

Shipping slabs of actual marble would be way too expensive. But sending marbled paper is not! This invite suite, which is painted with a mixture of dark colors and gold foil, sets the scene for a marble-inspired event in a subtle, beautiful way.

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The Name Tags

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Create a pretty photo opp moment with the guy's boutonnieres. It'll make them feel extra special to see their name written in stone!

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The Place Settings

Photo by Meg Smith Photography; Design by Jenna Lam Events

At this chic backyard wedding designed by Jenna Lam, marble chargers were layered with silver napkins, and each guest's name was written on piece of Lucite for yet another modern touch.

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The Menus

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

If you're not into the idea of making small cocktail signs, stick to creating a beautiful main display. We love the tone-on-tone palette of this particular sign as it coordinates with the rest of the wedding's sure-to-be marble details without taking away from the rest of the set-up.

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The Table Names

Ben Pigao Photography

We know, it's hard to find a pretty table number or card, right?! Well, look no further, cause we found it in the form of a calligraphed marble block.

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The Escort Cards

Photo by Chowen Photography

Use marble coasters to make your escort cards do double duty as a personalized favor.

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The Cake

Photo by Katie Shuler Photography

No marble-inspired wedding is complete without a marble-decorated cake. This one is simple yet impactful with two modern, picture-perfect tiers!


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